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Outlander | Released the actors who will live the Beardsley family in season 5

Paul Gorman, Bronwyn James and Chris Donald will be some of the new actors in the new season.

The 5th season of Outlander premieres in early 2020, and the American broadcaster Starz, who originally broadcasts the series, is slowly touting the cast additions for the new episodes.

In your profile on Twitter, the company reported that the actors Paul GormanBronwyn James and Chris Donald will be some of the new actors who will cross the path of Frasers next year.

Chris Donald, Paul Gorman e Bronwyn James (Fonte: Starz/Divulgação).
Chris Donald, Paul Gorman and Bronwyn James (Source: Starz / Disclosure).

Gorman will play two characters: the twins Josiah and Kezzie Beardsley, orphans who work for Aaron Beardsley in his trade. Bronwyn will play Fanny, Beardsley's fifth wife. Donald will be Phillip Wylie, a character who appeared in the series' fourth season premiere.

Outlander, created by Ronald Moore, is based on novels by Diana Gabaldon. The 5th season will bring the story of the book The Cross of Fire, the fifth in the saga. The new episodes will be released in February 2020 and the first 3 seasons are available on Netflix.


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