Panini launches 'The Saga of Thanos'

The publisher brings the title that shows the first life of the greatest villain in the Marvel universe, with the presence of great heroes


To make Avengers fans even more excited, Panini launches The Thanos saga, what presents the life of the most feared villain in the Marvel universe ... and his first death too. Divided into two editions with a luxury finish, in hardcover and with more than 400 pages, volume 1 will be released next Thursday, April 25, the date on which the film Avengers: Endgame also reaches Brazilian cinemas.

There are 448 pages full of details about Thanos, which show how the character was already a dangerous force to be considered, even before trying to exterminate half of the Universe. In the new comic book, fans of the Marvel universe will be able to follow great facts, such as the creation of Warlock, his battle to free Contraterra, Thanos' search for the Cosmic Cube and his machinations against Captain Marvel. In addition, the HQ has the presence of other great superheroes such as Thor, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Hulk and Drax.

Written by Stan Lee and other renowned authors from the comic book universe, the title The Thanos Saga will have two volumes, with the first edition already available in pre-sale at


Panini lança 'A Saga de Thanos' 1The Thanos Saga - Vol.1

Format: 17 x 26

Square hard cover and spine

Pages: 448 + 4 covers

Price: R$ 137.00

Release date: 25/04/2019


  1. Do not forget the stories that precede 'Thanos in search of Power' in Marvel Superventures#131 to 134 and those that precede the 'Infinite Challenge' in Marvel Superaventures#148 to 153


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