Passport to Love | New series shows five women traveling abroad in search of love


What to do when your possible true love lives abroad? As of September 22, the Lifetime presents the series Passport To Love (Passport to Love), which accompanies five women from the United States as they travel to distant countries to meet their suitors, whose novels were started by the internet. An incredible journey, destined for love.

Inspired by real stories, the new series presents the travels of each of these women and their encounters in countries like Peru, Cambodia, India and Russia, among others, with their suitors. Is it worth it? Will romances result in marriage proposals? How will they overcome the physical distance?

The debut episode, Once upon a time in a distant land, features Gabrielle, Jamie, Crystal and Tiffany - four strong women who know exactly what they want and where to find it. In Rome, “Princess” Crystal dates the silver fox Tullio, against his parents' wishes; the intense Jamie seeks Latin love in Argentina; Tiffany reconnects with her roots in the heart of Africa; and Gabrielle, recently heartbroken, hopes that this time she will be happy with her own British prince.



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