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Homeland | Series to premiere simultaneously in more than 60 countries in May


With its premiere scheduled for May, Homeland, which had its first trailer released today, is the first HBO Europe production to premiere simultaneously in the United States and in more than 60 countries in Latin America and Europe. The miniseries tells three decades of the history of the Basque Country, threatened by the terrorist group ETA, through the eyes of two families divided by the separatist conflict.

Watch the trailer in the player above.

On the day ETA announces a ceasefire, Bittori (Elena Irureta) visits the cemetery where her husband, Txato (José Ramón Soroiz), who was killed by terrorists, is buried. She tells him that she decided to return to the city where they lived together to overcome this part of their life. Will she be able to live alongside people who chased her before and after the attack and turned her life upside down? Will she discover the identity of the hooded person who, on that rainy day, killed her husband? 

Bittori's presence in the city causes turmoil and infuriates her neighbor Miren (Ane Gabarain), who was once her great friend and is the mother of Joxe Mari (Jon Olivares), a arrested terrorist and the likely murderer of Txato. What happened between these two women? What has poisoned the lives of your children and husbands, who have been so close in the past? The chasm that opened up between them and their firm convictions make it impossible to try to forget what happened. Is forgiveness possible in a community divided by political fanaticism?

The new episodes of Homeland will be available in Latin America every Saturday at 6 pm on HBO GO, and will be shown the next day, Sunday, at 9 pm, on HBO. In Europe, the series will be available on HBO Europe's services in 21 countries. In the United States, it will be HBO GO, HBO Now and on HBO On Demand, and in the linear channel Latin HBO. The series' world premiere will take place at the French festival Series Mania, in Lille, on Saturday, March 28, as part of the international competition. 

Homeland, based on the eponymous successful novel by Fernando Aramburu, tem criação e roteiro de Aitor Gabilondo. Executive producers are Miguel Salvat, Steve Matthews and Antony Root.



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