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Play 'Uma Lágrima Para Alfredo' is on display in São Paulo

Uma Lágrima para Alfredo

Produced by London Company, the play will run until 9/11.

In A Tear for Alfredo, Dulce Auxiliadora is a lady who waits, unhappy, for the death of her husband in a hospital waiting room. It is there that she meets Yolanda, who has her husband in the same situation. The meeting of the old ladies is fun until the moment when they perceive a detail that turns the life of the two upside down, guaranteed to laugh in a comedy for all ages.

The play can be seen on Fridays at 9:00 pm at Teatro Comunne.

Complete information:

Production: London Company and Gamarte
Comedy genre
Duration: 1h20
Text: Raphael Gama
Director: Raphael Gama
Production Director: Mayara Garcia
Production Assistance: Aline Coccia
Sound and Lighting: Ivan Nobrega
Against rule: Cayke Scalioni
Cast: Rafael Mallagutti and Raphael Gama
Where: Teatro Comunne (Rua da Consolação, 1218) 84 seats
Phone: (11) 3476-0792
When: 9 pm Fridays (From 14 August to 11 September)
How much: R$ 60,00 whole R$ 30,00 half price (classification 12 years old, smaller only with companion)


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