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Planeta dos Macacos - Meet the timeline from 1968 to 2017


There are films that the viewer needs to watch the previous ones, read a book, comics and even have played a game to understand the franchise. Others are done starting in episode IV (Star Wars), to be released after the first three and the new fans do not necessarily need to have seen the other 3. It may seem confusing, but when explained, everything is simple.

The same happens with the franchise of Lord of the Rings. The fan can see the features of the books Fellowship of the ring up until The return of the king or see the top three of Hobbit in the order you want and it will not be a problem to understand any of the works. And that goes for books, too. The reader can start with the Society, The Two Towers and The return of the king, only then to read The Hobbit (where it all starts), no problem!

With the series Monkey's Planet, this is a little more complex. Even more if you are under 40 and have only seen the two new films in the saga of Caesar.
The “timeline” of Monkey's Planet it has alternative timelines where one feature does not connect to the other. So, sit there and browse the list, which we will explain straight to you!

Planet of the Apes - 1968 to 2017

To make it easier and not end the surprise, we will use the synopses of the films and we will not give any spoilers! In addition to a brief explanation of each event.

1Planet of the Apes (1968)

Movie's cast

The American astronaut George Taylor will stop by accident on a planet inhabited by monkeys. Animals dominate the place, enslaving humans, including George and the ship's crew. Now, the astronaut will have to fight for his freedom and the others.
Release date of: June 13, 1968
Year in the film: 3.978

In the plot, George Taylor, played by Charlton Heston, leaves Earth in 1972 and lands in 3978. We have this date because of the information present on his ship, Ícaro. When he lands, he is totally lost in a Planet of Monkeys, where humans are slaves to the Apes and do not speak. It is recorded here the surprise of the Monkeys when George curses them when captured and the great ending of the film!

That was the first interracial kiss. We are talking about races. And Kirk and Uhura are the same species.

2Back to the Planet of the Apes (1970)

The astronaut Brent goes on a rescue mission to colleague Taylor, and needs to cross a timeline into the future and reach the planet where he disappeared. The planet of the future has been dominated by monkeys and men live underground.

Release date of: May 1, 1970
Year in the film: 3.955

Who thinks Star Wars started the sequences, well, you're very wrong. Monkey's Planet started this almost a decade earlier.
As described in the synopsis a rescue group is sent to rescue Icarus. Upon arriving at the Planet of the Apes, the astronauts discover a small group of humans with psychic powers who live underground and love a nuclear warhead. As you can see, the year is well before the first film. Which can be interpreted because they went down years ago due to a miscalculation and the story happened almost “simultaneously” with the first film or it was really a production error.

The humans with powers and the much-loved bomb. Recalling that this film takes place at the time of the Cold War and the bomb was a criticism against the USA and the USSR that so loved its nuclear power.

3Escape from the Planet of the Apes (1971)

The apes Cornelius and Zira they return in time to escape the destruction of their world and arrive in Los Angeles in the 20th century, where they are treated as curiosities. But they are soon pursued by the government, which aims to prevent the birth of Zira's baby.

Release dateo: May 21, 1971
Year in the film: 1973

In this third feature film, released quickly, the simian scientists Zira (Kim Hunter) and Cornelius (Roddy McDowall), escape the nuclear apocalypse and use the spaceship Ícaro (it, like the droids of Star Wars, is in all films), to go back in time until the year 1973, a year after the launch of Icarus. When they make it back, they become celebrities, but are soon captured to provide information about the future. They have a son called Caesar (have you seen that name?), that hide it so it can grow safely. Here, obviously, the timeline is changed, because whoever had a teacher who runs a DeLoren, knows that the past should not be changed. Besides, former writers and producers didn't care much about timelines and the problems that this could bring to a franchise. You should have watched a little Dr Who.

The actor Roddy Mcdowall, in addition to playing Cornelius, also played the character “Peter Vincent” in the film “A Hora do Espanto” (1985)

4The Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972)

In the future, monkeys are domesticated and become pets. But the apes' living conditions instigate Caesar, a highly developed primate, leading a colossal revolt against his human oppressors.

Release date of: June 29, 1972
Year in the film: 20 years after Cornelius and Zira arrived in the past.

A plague wiped out dogs and cats from the face of the Earth, which made monkeys pets. They are treated like slaves, which revolts Caesar (Roddy McDowall), the son of Cornelius and Zira, who lost his parents early and was raised by a circus owner. He goes on to lead a monkey rebellion against humans. The big discussion in this film is really slavery. A criticism to society in a very direct way and a way to raise the franchise again.

5The Battle of the Planet of the Apes (1973)

After a nuclear war, the Earth is ruled by highly evolved monkeys, who live in harmony with the surviving humans. However, some of them figure out how to enter the city of monkeys and come up with a plan to retake the planet.

Release date of: June 15, 1973
Year in the film: Approximately 600 years in the future after the film The conquest.

Going back in time had its consequences. And this fifth film (we’ve already played Star Wars! -), The Battle of the Planet of the Apes happens 10 years after the events of the predecessor. The story begins (the 600 years here), with a wise simian telling the story of how it all started. Due to the return to the past by simian scientists and the birth of Caesar, we have an alternative timeline, totally different from the first film made by Heston, as monkeys and humans live in harmony. In this timeline, Caesar teaches his followers that humans should not be enslaved. You can already see where they got the idea of Caesar from the new trilogy.

Again the criticism of the Cold War. Where we have the confrontation between the two sides, Capitalist and Communist. Instead of pitting humans and apes against each other, the film tries to show that existence exists between different thoughts.

6TV series (1974)

Year of events: 3.085.

The series, created by CBS, it was very good and brings more memories to fans than the features. Mainly due to the various repetitions in the 1980s. In order not to have a problem with the timeline of the films, the series is focused before the first production. And it keeps the events of the new timeline with the birth of Caesar.

In this story, three astronauts return from a mission in space and discover that they have traveled through time. One of them dies on landing. Planet Earth is no longer dominated by the human race, but by the apes. At the top of Earth's new social structure are the orangutans: lawmakers, politicians and sages. Below, see the gorillas: strong and fierce soldiers. Chimpanzees are in the third place, taking care of the heavy work and in some cases of research in laboratories or as anthropologists and veterinarians, studying the remaining humans.

Only the doctor Zaius, an orangutan and the general Urko, a gorilla, know about planet Earth's past. The other apes are unaware that the planet was once dominated by humans. That was until the arrival of astronauts Virdon and Burke, who tell their story to a chimpanzee, a veterinarian named Galen, assistant to Dr. Zaius, who helps them escape. But the best known chimpanzees in the saga are Cornélius and his companion, Zira. The two decide to help humans and participate in their adventures in search of what's left of human technology.

The series was so successful that it inspired the creation of a cartoon in 1975 called Back to the Planet of the Apes, which was presented in Brazil by Glob NetworkThein the late 1970s.

It is worth mentioning that humans, in this new scenario, are slaves and guinea pigs of scientific experiments.

7The timeline first of all - The trilogy

The Planet of the Apes: The Origin (2011)

A scientific experiment results in a chimpanzee with superior intelligence who ends up leading a rebellion against humans to dominate the planet Earth.

Release date of: August 26, 2011

This is where it all starts. If you want to watch in a linear fashion, you should start with The origin, The clash and The war (which hits theaters in August this year, 2017) and then check out the classics, in addition to the comics. Remembering that the book The war, can be read before the eponymous film or afterwards, as it tells the events after The clash.

Some people put it as a remake 1972 classic, which is totally wrong, because the story happens today. But we can put it as a new plot, since the events after the first film, practically do not count. Because?

For the simple reason that in this story, called The origin, we have how it all started, that is, the rise of Caesar and his followers that will lead to the end of humanity.

8Planet of the Apes: The Showdown (2014)

Ten years after conquering freedom, Caesar leads a nation of genetically evolved monkeys, which is being threatened by a group of humans surviving a deadly virus. See the review.

Release date of: July 24, 2014
Year in the film: 10 years after the events of The Origin.

In this second feature of the Caesar saga, humans were practically wiped out by simian flu. Society as we know it, no longer exists. Humans blame monkeys for what happened, the blame being entirely on humanity itself.

Andy Serkis (Gollum, Avengers, Black Panther), returns to the role of Caesar, where he leads a group of Monkeys. César defends the coexistence between humans and apes, but Koba, his antagonist is totally against it, and here the dispute for power begins.

9Planet of the Apes: War (2017)

Caesar and his group are forced to wage war against an army of soldiers led by a merciless colonel. After several monkeys lose their lives in the conflict, Caesar fights his instincts and sets out to seek revenge. From that journey, the future of the planet may be at stake.

Release date of: July 14, 2017 (August in Brazil)

In this story, the Saga of Caesar closes. She ends by showing that the Planet is no longer for humans. The film has a big discussion about revenge and mainly about acceptance. The trilogy closed with a flourish and this one was the best of all. Now if we will have a reread with a title Rise or not, only time will tell.

10A timeline totally “out of time”

Planet of the Apes (2001 - Tim Burton)

After suffering an accident with your spaceship, Leo Davidson he manages to reach a different, seemingly cruel planet, where human beings are hunted and enslaved by primates and have to work hard to earn their livelihoods. Upon seeing all that, Leo is indignant at the oppression imposed on humans. He soon proposes a revolution, becoming a huge threat to the planet's status quo.
Release date of: August 3, 2001

This was an attempt to bring the franchise back. What we can say was that he did it. But there was no continuation and it is not valid for the timeline of any of the productions.

The film may have been criticized by fans, but the look was sensational.

This feature film is an adaptation of the eponymous novel by Pierre Boulle.This film, starring Mark Wahlberg, even though the ending was more like that of the book, it was severely criticized by fans. Even so, thanks to the gods of the producers, 10 years later we had Planet of the apes the origin.


As can be seen, the stories show how monkeys became so intelligent. This beginning trilogy practically takes the timeline of the first 1968 film with Charlton Heston. What makes it like the original timeline. There may even be some discussions about it, but nobody can say that it isn't. The final in this story, no one talked about the return of two ape scientists.

Another positive point for this plot that started with The origin, is to realize that the production paid attention to many points presented in the films and series. The gene therapy that Caesar goes through is one of them, which is the central theme of the 1974 series.

What can we expect in Planet of the Apes: War, is to see how monkeys finally dominated our planet and humans ended up underground. And if there will be a sequence without Caesar, nobody knows that.



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