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Point Blank presents news for the quarantine period

The Ongame Entertainment announced a series of news for Point Blank involving both the game’s popular competitive landscape and updates to the fan community. The special actions involving the game and the PB esports scene reflect the current moment in the country and stimulate positive actions by fans and athletes of the game in preventing and combating the recent pandemic of COVID-19. Check out the main news: 

Point Blank eSports - 13th Season CNPB

In the competitive scenario of Point Blank, the big news is due to the completely digital format for the confrontations of the 13th stage of CNPB, the Brasileirão de Point Blank. The competition returns in 2020 with its established format bringing the Bala de Ferro (access league), Elite (main league) and Viper (women's league) leagues in electrifying disputes and with live broadcasts during the weekends.

Distributing almost twenty thousand reais in prizes among the three leagues, the CNPB's 13th season has already started and will enshrine its champions on the 17th of May. To choose which matches will be broadcast live on the Ongame's official YouTube channel, fans vote weekly in polls on Mondays and Wednesdays in the official fanpage of the game on Facebook.

To learn more about the CNPB's 13th season access the competition official website.

Point Blank - Special Events

To encourage fans and players to remain safe at home during the period of social detachment, Ongame has prepared a series of temporary events that will bring special and exclusive bonuses. Check below each of the events and their details:

To reward the efforts of all players, until April 7th the experience and gold bonus amounts will be higher than conventional. On weekdays, during the Rank Up Prime time (from 7 pm to 11:59 pm) the values can reach 300% of experience and up to 150% of gold. On weekends, scores increase even further, reaching 350% of experience and 150% gold.

The fixed coupon QU4R3NTENA is available for redemption until 04/07. Each player can redeem the coupon in their game account once, to receive a special package of items.

Package Items:

[Primary weapon] P90 Ext D (11D)
[Secondary weapon] RB 454 SS8 + S (11D)
[Melee weapon] Fang Blade (11D)
[FR character] Rica (11D)
[Character CT] Chou (11D)

How to activate the coupon:

Just access the redemption page on the Point Blank website (you must log in to your game account to access the page) and enter the code.


In the Voucher Reload event, which is available until April 7, the more vouchers are accumulated by the players the better the prize pool will be acquired at the end. To receive vouchers, players must perform simple tasks such as participating in actions Log in and Win and Daily Reward. To check all the details, visit the official page of event.


Bringing players together to overcome challenges could bring some of the biggest rewards in the Clan Clash event, which returns with everything until April 12th. This is the time to gather your clan, play and achieve your goals and a series of exclusive prizes. Check out more details about Clan Clash, visit the official page of event.


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