Friday, 15th, October, 2021

Pop! Fest holds its first virtual edition this weekend

Virtual event will last three days, from June 19th to 21st, with promotional prices, raffles and participants' lives

Due to the rules of social distance imposed by the spread of Covid-19, the 8th edition of the Pop! Fest - Funko Pop and Related Collectors Meeting, the main event for Funko Pop doll aficionados in São Paulo, could not be held on May 29 as planned.

But that did not discourage the organizers, who decided to air a virtual edition of the event. The first Pop! Virtual Fest happens this weekend, from 10am on the 19th (Friday) until 10pm on the 21st of June (Sunday), in partnership with General Geek, which has been consolidating itself as the main marketplace platform for geek products today.

In an area specially dedicated to the event, about 20 vendors will offer regular, exclusive and rare Funko Pops, all at discounted prices.

With this solution, we keep the flame of Pop burning! Fest and managed to meet an old demand from collectors who are unable to attend face-to-face editions, explains the event organizer, artist George Tutumi.


To maintain interactivity between the participants, one of the great attractions of the face-to-face editions, throughout the virtual event lives in the channel Whitebeard Uncle to publicize promotions and carry out drawings for pieces donated by salespeople. The schedule with lives will be available in the virtual event area itself.

Pop! Virtual Fest - 1st Virtual Event for Funko Pop Collectors

Period: 10am on the 19th until 22h on the 21st of June (Friday to Sunday)

Link: Lives: Whitebeard Uncle Channel

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