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Inside the Round 6 Series | Book written by the creator with exclusive data arrives in Brazil

Publication by Korean Park Mijoon is brought to Brazil by Editora Citadel, exposes exclusive data and gives tips about the games.

Launched in September, Round 6 (2021) smashed audience records and became the most watched series in the history of the streaming platform Netflix, seen by no less than 142 million subscribers. The resounding success is followed by a legion of people thirsty for more information about the entire universe of the series, its characters and behind-the-scenes stories. The content of Inside the Round 6 Series, a book that the publisher Citadel now brings to Brazil.

The disturbing mix of children's games, gore, struggle for survival and social criticism is inspired by Battle Royale and in the manga universe. Loaded with details, Inside the Round 6 Series shows, for example, who the seven main characters are and how each of them voted in the game.

Written by South Korean Park Mijoon, the book is a kind of unofficial guide to the series and offers a very in-depth and detailed look, revealing small secrets and hidden curiosities, such as some tips for the games that happen in each episode or a more analytical look at each character that appears. on the Serie.

Park Minjoon is a screenwriter and television critic. He was born in Ssangmun-dong, a neighborhood in Seoul, and studied film at Seoul National University. Since I was little, I played marbles, tug of war and the game of Lula (which gave the series its name around the world, but here in Brazil it was called Round 6). This book was his last work before he mysteriously disappeared after receiving a strange offer on the subway.

The unofficial instruction manual to discover all the secrets, background and curiosities of the series and venture into the K world, the fantastic Korean cultural universe. Get ready to become player number 457. What are you willing to do to pay off your debts? 456 players with debts to pay engage in various children's games which, however, involve (deadly) pawns. It cannot be abandoned, whoever loses his life. A disturbing mix of children's games, gore, fight for survival and system critique that has its origins in Battle Royale and the manga universe. A success that in a very short time extends far beyond the TV series itself, becoming a social phenomenon of global reach.

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