Part 1 | Why can the Joker win the Oscar?


This is the first opinion article with guests from Fndom.club.

The question that has been asked for some journalists is: Why can the Joker film win an Oscar, or not?

Among some opinions is the fact that this feature has the production of Martin Scorsese, who does not come to play and most of his films have a dramatic and psychological appeal out of the ordinary, as well as they are winners of great prizes.

Another issue is the Joker being at the Venice Film Festival, a place that Warner puts only movies that it knows can win the Oscar.

Of course, Joaquin Phoenix! And thinking about these points, this invitation to Luan Stewart from the website Thunder Wave to give an opinion and travel with us on Why can the Joker take an Oscar or not?

By Luã Stewart – Guest of Thunder Wave

Since news began to circulate through the entertainment portals that Warner / DC would produce a solo Joker movie, many things have been speculated, such as the actor who would bring the villain of Gotham City to life. It turns out that the character messes with the imagination of comic book fans. Joker has a magic that attracts fans, mainly because he is, perhaps, the best villain that Batman has faced during his fights - of course, he had Riddler, the Penguin, but none of them, compare to the Joker.

The character hypnotizes those who watch him and this has been proven in countless comics in which he appears and visually, when the actor Heath Ledger interpreted it brilliantly on the big screens in Batman the dark knight (2009), the second film in the Dark Knight trilogy, directed, produced and scripted by Chistopher Nolan, stole all possible and imaginable scenes from the feature. In fact, not only the scenes, but also the praise of the specialized critic and the main awards of the cinema.

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Ledger's performance earned him posthumously, 1 Oscar, 1 Golden Globe, 1 SAG, 1 BAFTA, all in the category Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Batman: The Dark Knight. News circulated in the tabloids at the time, saying that the actor acted strangely during the recording of the film. He left home, rented a hotel room and throughout the recording period, completely immersed in what would become, the best performance of his career.

Years later, Warner / DC announced the production of the film Suicide squad and who again would be in the feature? Yes, the Joker. This time, the actor and singer Jared Leto would give life to the villain. Well, the film was not a great success there and all the promotional marketing for Suicide Squad, was done on top of Leto who, in the end, appears about 10 minutes, in total, throughout the duration of the film. And Jared's performance, well, was not as interesting as it proved to be - this is because the actor followed the same steps as Ledger during the recording of the film: he left the house, rented a hotel room during the recording period and started to acting strangely behind the scenes of the film.

2019, here we are again with the Gotham villain solo film. It is to worry and perhaps to compare the performance of Joaquin Phoenix with Heath Ledger and Jared Leto? Even without having seen the film, I still guarantee that it is not: it is impossible to compare the performances of the actors, however, the comparisons will be undeniable. But it is necessary to note that, although they are three completely different actors from each other, talented, without a doubt, but different, the film also follows a different pattern.

While in Batman: The Dark Knight we saw action with hints of suspense, in Suicide Squad, the attempt was to be action from start to finish, with shooting, fights, specific direction work within the cinematic genre (action), casting and others. In Joker (film), despite the film being cataloged as "action", there is much more drama involved than expected. Starting with the poster for the feature: the colors that were used to compose the art, bring feelings of weight, sadness and fatigue. The same goes for the trailer — many think the trailer is just the best moments of the movie. In fact, it is, but there is a lot more to the director in “selling” the product idea than you might think.

The same elements used in the poster were used in the composition of the film and the trailer. Costume, makeup and other aspects that make up a feature film, everything is duly and millimetrically thought out in order to pass on to the viewer, the story that will be covered during the duration of the film. The actor's work is merely illustrative and figurative, because the whole concept comes during the production of the script for the feature.

Meanwhile, why can the Joker film win an Oscar?

Assuming that there are several categories that the Academy created/creates to award the films. Warner Bros. Pictures will be able to enter the film in all, if there is a possibility and if the film fits within all the categories or else, in the categories in which the film applies. And here are some guesses: Best Actor, for the performance of Joaquin Phoenix; Best Supporting Actor, for Robert De Niro's performance; Best Assembly; Best Direction — by Todd Phillips; I risk a Best Costume, Best Adapted Screenplay — because it contains elements taken directly from the comic book "The Deadly Joke” and also Best Cinematography and Best Film.

“The story will showcase a character never seen before in DC Comics. Joaquin Phoenix to an iconic and realistic potential super villain, with real pain and problems,” said Todd Phillips, director of the film, in an interview with Empire Magazine. And he pointed out that the film will show how an ordinary person (Arthur Fleck) can turn into a monster (Joker). Do you understand now why Joker (film) is more drama than action/thriller? If I could choose a keyword to highlight the feature, I would choose “mental health”.

The incredible Martin Scorsese signs the production of the feature alongside Bradley Cooper (the same who directed, scripted and starred in the award-winning and highly criticized remake of “A Star is Born”, with Lady Gaga and from the same studio: Warner Bros. Pictures). More and more, Cooper gets involved behind the scenes in productions of dense themes, portraying the real and life as it is, overflowing in the characterization of the actor, in photography and in the final montage of the film - comparing the trailers of Nasce Uma Estrela and Joker, there is a weight, a density and a depth that reverberates in the final product that goes to the cinemas.

Finally, I can't wait to watch Joker. Stick to the fact that it won't be an action-packed movie, a weapon, Batman (hero), physical struggles (except self-fighting, internal fighting). This is not a movie for everyone and I already say that not everyone will like the movie or understand it. Is it a conceptual film? Yes it is. Is it a source film? Yes, but I dare to say that it has more of a biographical tone than a villainous one, properly speaking. And DC / Warner has only to gain from this process, of deconstructing a character that although charming, strong and imposing, there is a human being behind who was misunderstood, destroyed and rejected. Joker is my bet for one of the best films of 2019.



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