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Why Disney California is the nerdiest Disney in the world – Part 1

From our childhood to adult life, Disney has always been included in some way in our lives, through its works and its grandiose advertising printed in the windows of travel agencies.

Currently, the company has 5 complexes around the world with 14 theme parks, on 3 continents, and the company is known worldwide for its excellence in service, and efforts to maintain the “magic” of the place for visitors.

But the joy in the happiest place on earth isn't just about the iconic castle, fairytale-themed attractions, and characters like Mickey and Minnie roaming around the park's grounds, the place is an attraction for the whole family, including adults.

And if you're a fan of Disney itself and all of its subsidiaries like Pixar, Lucasfilm and Marvel, you have to know the California complex, which is made up of the famous Disneyland, and the park Disney California Adventure.

This complex in itself already has a special mystique, especially at Disneyland, a park that opened in 1955, and was the only one in all of Disney that creator Walt Disney had the chance to visit in his lifetime.

In 2001, Disneyland gained a neighbor, Disney California Adventure, the best Disney park I've ever visited, because it has a slightly different proposal from other Disney in the United States, concentrating a high number of radical attractions.

Disney's Anaheim complex is currently the nerdiest of the company and we can prove it:

Disneyland, for example, is divided into several areas, one of which is Adventureland, where we have wilder and adventure-oriented attractions, in this place is located the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, an attraction that gave rise to one of the company's most successful franchises.

In the same area, there is also the attraction based on Indiana Jones, an attraction in which the visitor enters an adventure inside the temple of the lost eye, and the attraction has a certain moderate adrenaline in the car ride through the corridors of the temple, and the magic is not it is only for part of the attraction itself, the line starts in the middle of a forest, and during the wait the visitor walks through some of the temple's corridors.

Comemore o 25º aniversário da aventura Indiana Jones no Disneyland Park -  Trechos e Milhas
/ Disney

Another great Lucasfilm franchise that has its space guaranteed in the park is Star Wars, which since 2019 has its own area in the park, Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.

The area has an area of 56 thousand square meters, creates an immersive experience, and for a few moments transports the visitor to the planet Batuu, and the ambiance goes from the scenery to the themed stores in the area, with several exclusive products, to leave any fan from Star Wars hallucinated.

Cinco coisas que você não pode perder na área Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge na  Disneyland - Jornal O Globo

In the area there are two must-see attractions: Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run.

The first is a simulator based on the last trilogy, where visitors face the first order in enemy territory and try to get out of there alive. This isn't an easy mission with Kylo Ren and the first order behind the crew.

Disneyland's new Star Wars Rise of the Resistance ride to open - Los  Angeles Times

In addition to the simulator, which has state-of-the-art technology for the setting, there are also several details in the attraction's scenario, it is recommended that the visitor walks at least twice, if possible, so as not to miss any detail of the route.

At Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run we have a more interactive attraction, where visitors have functions inside one of the most famous ships in pop culture, and the attraction's progress varies according to the performance.

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run | Viajando para Orlando

And if you're going to Disney, watch out, as the Star Wars attractions are the most popular, so plan to get to the park early and guarantee your spot in the middle of this adventure.

The California complex consists of two parks, and the magic is not restricted to the famous Disneyland, but also has the incredible Disney California Adventure, which will be explored in part 2 of this special.

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