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Pride Cup 2021 will be aimed at the LGBTQIAP + community and sponsored by Predator and Intel

In celebration of the International Day Against Homophobia, celebrated on May 17, and reinforcing the commitment of brands to encourage a diverse and inclusive gamer ecosystem, Predator and Intel announce that they will be the main sponsors of the 2021 edition of Pride Cup, esports championship organized by Gamers Club and designed especially for the Brazilian LGBTQIAP + community of gamers.

In this second edition, the event, which was designed to reinforce the importance of issues such as gender, sexuality and racial diversity in the gamer community promises, once again, to give visibility to minorities and raise questions about respect and equality during tournaments of three games of great success on the stage - CS: GO, VALORANT and League of Legends.

“We are very proud to be able to be part of this very important project, in partnership with Intel. Our purpose at Acer, through Predator, our gamer brand, is to be part of the daily lives of players and fans, offering the best experience for everyone ”, comments Danilo Santander, Marketing Manager at Acer do Brasil. “The Pride Cup is an inclusion project that aims to transform the gamer scene in Brazil for the better”, complements Caroline Raimundo, Head of Marketing at Acer do Brasil.

Among the names already confirmed for the Pride Cup 2021 are Olga Rodrigues, a trans woman and a professional CS: GO player for Black Dragons, Atlanta who played professionally in League of Legends for Vivo Keyd, Sher, streamer best known for Transcurescer and Drag gamer and streamer LolaDvil.

“At Intel, we believe and work to promote an increasingly diverse and inclusive scenario. Initiatives like this, together with our partners, help us to get closer to a more diverse gamer audience ”, comments Giovana Gaiolli, Marketing Manager at Intel Brasil. “Participating in the Pride Cup is an extremely important step towards working on Intel's values not only internally, but also with partners, influencers and with the end consumer”, he adds.

The championship will be broadcast live on Gamers Club channels on Twitch with the right to a special day for each game: on June 11, starting at 6 pm, there will be a competition for VALORANT; on June 13th it is the turn of the tournament CS: GO, this time from 16h; and, finally, on June 18th it will be the turn of the League of Legendsat 6 pm.

“One of the Gamers Club's values is to put the community first and the Pride Cup is a clear example of how much we care about the minority's relevance in the esports scene, and how much we dedicate ourselves to putting such important issues on the agenda. It is necessary to have more and more brands that care about causes related to diversity, so we are extremely happy with the support of Predator and Intel ”, comments Carla Sernaglia, Director of Operations at IGC in Brazil.

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Pride Cup 2021 será voltado para a comunidade LGBTQIAP+ e patrocinado pela Predator e Intel 1
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