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First Impressions: The 100

the 100

Anyway, the much talked about new series from CW, The 100, debuted in the USA. For about a year, rumors and promises have been made about the series and now we can finally see what has really been kept.

Based on the book of Kass Morgan and adapted by Jason Rothenberg, The 100 takes us to a not-so-distant future, where 97 years after the Earth was destroyed by a nuclear apocalypse, 100 juvenile delinquents are sent back to Earth to see the current situation. In reality there is a little bit more behind this trip, but as I don't know if it would be considered a spoiler or not, I'll leave it to viewers to find out.

You are probably asking yourself, "If they were sent to Earth, where exactly were they living?" The answer, my dear reader, is in Space Bases. These Bases have very strict rules against crime, where any crime is punishable by death, unless the criminal is under 18 years of age. And it is these minor criminals who are sent to an Earth that no one knows the current condition of life, not even if it is free from radiation.

The premise of the series is very interesting, but apparently it requires work to not get lost along the way. In this pilot, right away the teen factor + CW displeased me, making it clear before half the episode that we will have our famous love triangle that the CW so likes. On the positive side of the pilot, the visual is very convincing, the contrast between the scenes on Earth and the technological Space Base was very well done.

During the pilot, it is very clear what the series will propose. Among the “delinquents”, we have some children whose parents have a very high position in the Base and we are gradually, very little, discovering what each one did to be arrested, while we follow a certain indifference of the people in charge of the mission in the Base , who in fact sent 100 teenagers on a mission, not caring whether they will survive or not, just monitoring them by the bracelets that were placed on them. These bracelets play an important role in this pilot, but as I think it was one of the few unpredictable parts of it, they also leave that information on the air for the viewer.

The 100 it does have a good chance of being the new revelation on the channel, mainly due to the high numbers in its debut, however, it promises to displease us with the famous loving mimimi that the channel loves to bet on.


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