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First Impressions: 9JKL

Sitcons were not the focus of this Fall Season, but they were also not entirely left out. Who decided to invest in one was CBS, which brings 9JKL, a series focused on a man, Josh (Mark Feuerstein), who returns to live in his old apartment when he separates.

The problem is that this apartment is between your parents', Judy (Linda Lavin) and Harry (Elliott Gould), it's your brother Andrew (David Walton). With that he completely loses his privacy, since his family apparently does not believe it.

9JKL | Image: CBS

Between absurd situations-like the mother bribing the doorman to notify whenever Josh arrives and the family interrupting a meeting to say very personal things, this pilot presents this basic plot and gives a good idea of the tone we can expect for the future of the series .

More slapstick and everyday than it should, 9JKL does not deliver anything new or interesting in this episode. The good performances are lost in the middle of the weak plot, which abuses clichéd moments of comedies. Lack of parental limits, obscene jokes, the father constantly appearing in his underwear and an Asian boy always ready to overcome the losing protagonist are examples of the script's lack of originality.

9JKL it's a long shot from CBS, which tries to recover the good times sitcons, with its simple and everyday plots. But the insertion of "standard elements" hinder the quality and interest of the episode, which barely serves as a pastime. Failing to create a connection with the audience, the series is unlikely to have a good future.

Thunder Wave note
Sem entregar nada de novo, a série falha em criar uma conexão com o público e dificilmente terá um futuro promissor.


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