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First Impressions | The Legend of Lady Ferrari

Russian espionage series opens on November 18th


the russian series The Legend of Lady Ferrari premieres on Locke next Thursday, November 18th. The production opens its 1st season with 12 episodes and takes place in 1920, at the height of the Russian Civil War. The work is based on real facts and has action, romance, suspense and, of course, espionage, as the protagonists are spies.  

Its protagonists are the German journalist Max Ermler (Pawel Delag) and Italian poet Elena Golubovskaya, known by the pseudonym Elle Ferrari (Olga Pogodina). They are two secret agents who fall in love, but they are on opposite sides, which makes the romance difficult, which soon becomes forbidden. 

Journalist Max is a servant of the British Empire, while Elle is at the service of the Bolsheviks. The first episode has already started with a lot of action and romance in the air. Olga's character seems to be a strong woman and ahead of her time and the time in which she is inserted. She uses her charm to mask her true identity. The journalist seems to be a good cover for the British spy and he proves to be quite astute. Will he find out the poet is a spy?

The Legend of Lady Ferrari begins the episode with a "chase" scene, where spies are following each other. In our thinking, it should be a grandiose scene, but the plot for a first episode seems weak and tiresome. Something that was missing was a more coherent presentation, because according to the situations that are happening there is no “explanation” and it is as if we had parachuted into the plot.

From what we could see, little is approached in terms of comedy. As the work addresses this turbulent scenario of conflict, it is natural that comic airs are left out. Something that drew a lot of attention is the care taken with the costumes, which are impeccable. The acting is good and convincing, but nothing too special for an episode.

Like any conflict, there is corruption and a dirty government, the group that wants to make a revolution, a lot of blood and wounded people on both sides. It is important to bring real events as the backdrop for works as is. Although it started out with a lot of action, something didn't turn the plot. The first episode seems to have passed quickly, but without leaving that feeling of wanting to keep watching. Perhaps, as the season progresses, this aspect will change.

The duration is on average 45 minutes. The soundtrack fits well with the time portrayed, but too loud and the color palette always going to yellows and blues during the morning while at night, dark tones prevail. The general direction of The Legend of Lady Ferrari it was up to Konstantin Maksimov. The supporting cast has Konstantin Kryukov, Eve Aveeva, Nikolay Dobrynin, Nikita Salopin and Alexander Bukharov.



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