Almost Human

This series screams JJAbrams, if you didn't know that it's his, you would quickly realize it just because of the huge amount of characteristic elements of it. Created by Abrams (Fringe, Lost) and JH Wyman (Fringe), this pilot only sinned by showing very little of the central plot of the series.

Almost Human takes us to a chaotic future in 2048, where Earth has been taken over by robots and the police are now fighting this domain. To help, the MXs, robots with a little more human characteristics, but obedient and programmable.

This pilot introduces us to the detective John Kennex  (Karl Urban), who spent 17 months in a coma and now needs to recover his memory, as he believes that it holds the key to helping to discover the culprit for his lost leg and the death of his companions.
John came back full of problems, in addition to memory loss, he had to put an implant in his leg that his body seems to reject and still hasn't gotten used to this future and the mandatory MX partners for every police officer. After “losing” his assigned MX, John ends up with dorian (Michael Ealy) as a partner. Dorian is an outdated model with beautiful eyes because it had more feelings and desires than the current super programmable models and, consequently, more productive.


There we already have the basis of how the series will be. The problem with it, for me, was that it ended up being a lot more cop than sci-fi. The focus of this pilot was to introduce the new world and unravel a case that seems a little isolated, but since it's JJAbrams, I wouldn't be surprised if he comes back to link something up mid-season. Everything indicates that the series will be made in the format "weekly crimes", but I really hope they put more elements of the central plot, or, with or without Abrams to elevate the series name, it will be more of a crime series with no future.

Even with the small ignored of the central plot, the pilot was very well developed. The effects and futuristic scenery were very well done. The robots vs humans premise has been tickling for years and it never seems to get old. The actors are sensational, I was impressed with the difference in the role of Michael, who I'm used to seeing as the “full of self” guy, did a wonderful job as an “empty” MX.
Being from JJAbrams and JH Wyman , I have to believe that it will have a future, even though it's nothing like and not as complex as their previous successes, these names always get their space in the media.

Almost Human it's the new series on the channel Fox, here in Brazil will be exhibited by Warner.



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