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First Impressions: Bitten


This pilot Bitten, new supernatural drama from the channel Space, was one of those famous pilots who take 3 hours to finish. The pilot didn't disappoint me, for the simple fact that I didn't expect much from him.

Bitten is centered on Elena Micheals (Laura Vandervoort), who apparently is the only female werewolf there, Elena has moved away from the pack and is now a photographer trying to live an ordinary life alongside her boyfriend, Phillip (Paul Greene). But staying out of your environment so long and not changing is hurting Elena, like changing at any time without warning (even when you're having sex with your beautiful boyfriend), or not having control over your temper. To help you, we have the best psychologist friend Logan (Michael Xavier), who also decided to leave this pack life. Everything is going well until a werewolf starts killing people leaving tracks and Elena is forced to return to her old pack to help.

Well, as you can see, it is not the worst story we have on television today, but it is far from being the most original ...

Bitten disliked me in several aspects, the first is because it is another supernatural series, another series about werewolves, changing only the fact that the protagonist is female. The pilot was not well built, he was really well drawn, he just introduced the characters and what we can expect from the series, without leaving any taste of wanting more or something that makes us really curious. The cast didn't have that necessary chemistry, it gave me the impression that they focused more on beauty than on acting in the choice of actors, the cast is all beautiful, but the chemistry was lacking. Finally, the effects were not the best ...

Bitten Elenco

Of course, it's not just dislike in the series, it has its interesting points. The same point that was mentioned in the displeasure, of just switching to having a female werewolf protagonist, is a favorable point. It is quite interesting to see the world of werewolves from a female perspective. Another fact that was very pleasing was that they took off their clothes BEFORE they changed! I mean, does the person know he is going to transform and yet, in all these years, have they never thought about taking off their clothes before tearing up everything ?! Finally, the fact that it is not a series of teenagers counts as many positive points for the series, it does have sex, very moderate nudity and violence in the series, not even being a True Blood of life, but it’s not that censored thing that’s in a teen series.

Same Bitten having nothing that makes me want to continue watching, I can see it pleasing a lot of people around the world, however, I'm sure the series has its cozy place in the cancellation bubble.



  1. I was looking for reviews at least of the series pilot and I found this one, I liked it. I could see that it is quite cliché on the issue of the theme (but I found that it is based on a series of books), I do not know if it is worth considering that it already has so much like it haha.
    ps: Taranis is mainly the god of fire in Celtic mythology 🙂

    • Yasmin, 'I don’t know if it’s worth considering that there’s already so much like it ”was exactly what I thought when I saw the pilot! hahahah I think they tried to innovate with the protagonist being a woman, but it didn't work very well.

      I didn't know that Taranis was a god of fire, I know that he is known as God of Thunder / Rain! 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!


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