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First Impressions: Britannia

Britannia it is a dense series. Undoubtedly, it is a drama that makes the spectator catch his breath and only release it in the opening theme song.

When faced with so many elements being presented, the theme of Britannia it was to be, at the very least, a strong military and Celtic raid. Which was something totally unusual for a series with a theme with three initial points of view: For the Gods, for the People and for the Empire.

Primeiras Impressões: Britannia 1
For the Gods, for the People and for the Empire | Image: Sky Atlantic

Removing the second part of the poster, Pelo Povo, the others are clearly in the first episode. We are introduced to a druid with visions from the underworld. The camera work is excellent, showing the viewer well through mist and blur, the character's vision. This continues throughout history, not tiring, but on time.

The plot is also well constructed, with the elements being presented and already happening, without using long scenes and dialogues that seem to want to explain in detail what is happening and a tiring narration. By the way, Britannia there is no narration. They are heavy and dense doses of events. There are not many moments of peace. Not even to show the scenarios that take place in the south of the United Kingdom and that was also recorded in more than 20 locations in countries such as Wales and even the Czech Republic.

Primeiras Impressões: Britannia 2
David Morrissey in Britannia | Image: Sky Atlantic

David Morrissey (Governor of Walking Dead), as the general of the Roman forces, was the main character featured in this pilot. Not that the others did not have their participation as a highlight. But The General it is the main antagonistic force that will awaken the clans that are separated to a union or a total struggle with each other. As well said by him to Lucius (Hugo Speer, by Musketeers), when asked “what is the plan” about conquering the Island, the General replies:

Same as in Egypt, Tergeste. Find the local chief, find out what they want, who they hate, who they want to be punished for centuries of offenses, what sacred forest they want back. We listen carefully, very carefully, find the weak spot and press firmly. In five years, these woods will be Roman ships carrying Roman soldiers to the other side. And so on.

Not bad!

In addition to the historical content, the series is still critical with many moments in our current society, with countries invading others and practically making “m3$5rda” to mark territory. And that is not an expression, it is what really happens. So much so that there is a joke about what “type of civilization you are” on the internet.

Britannia it is undoubtedly a series to compete with Vikings and game of Thrones a place in the hearts of fans for series involving historical and mainly Celtic themes!

The first season of Britannia, which has nine episodes, has already premiered in England for Sky Atlantic and is available at Amazon Prime.

Thunder Wave note
With a fluid narrative and interesting events, Britannia debuts promising to guarantee a space in the hearts of fans of historical series.


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