Anyone who knows the series CBS he also knows his “formula”, which consists of taking a crime or mystery to solve and placing a new element to differentiate the investigation. That's what happens in Bull, channel debut.

This formula usually works, with a catch: a good part of the public can no longer stand to see a procedural series. Therefore, Bull it sits on the fence, having an interesting enough difference to please, but automatically disliking those who are saturated with investigations.

Drama inspired by the early career of Dr. Phil McGraw as the founder of one of the most prolific trial consultancy companies ever, Bull introduces us Dr. Jason Bull (Michael Weatherly), a master manipulator who uses psychology, human intuition and high-tech data to discover what moves jurors, lawyers, witnesses and defendants in court to win their cases. Using different cases in each episode, the series shows more about the gift of analyzing humans than Bull It has.

In this pilot, the investigation revolves around the murder of a teenager. Everything indicates that the killer is Bull's young client. He and his team are focused on analyzing the lawyers and jurors to get the verdict of innocent for the boy and as he delves deeper into the case, Bull ends up finding clues to the real killer.

There is no doubt about the quality of the series CBS and Bull did not escape the rule. With a very in-depth storyline and compelling clues, the episode sucks you into the jury until you start trying to analyze people together with Bull, and of course, you don't do as well as he does. It is worth mentioning that the way the production chose to show what those involved are feeling was very interesting and efficient, each time the protagonist starts paying attention to someone, the person begins to speak what is felt, representing what Bull is seeing.

Bull | Image: CBS

The support cast is well off in this pilot. Perhaps it is intentionally, since Michael Weatherly made his name on NCIS and CBS couldn't miss the chance to use his beloved actor as a decoy. Both the participations and the cast that make up the investigative team are pushed to the background (this includes the Freddy Rodriguez, who left several desolate with his sudden departure from The Night Shift).

In short, I believe that the decision on whether or not to attend Bull be easy: If you're a fan of CSI, NCSI and investigative works in general, watch and love. But if you are part of the population that can not take any more procedural, pass away from this debut. Also worth the tip for those who miss us DiNozzo, if you miss him, see! Michael Weatherly is practically the owner of this entire series.


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