Stand Up comedy is something that never seems to die in the US. Perhaps because jokes about their own lives work so well on stage, comedians are under the impression that they will work well on television.

It's not like that…

Crashing It's not the first series made by a comedian disparaging his life, and I dare say it won't be the last. Peter Holmes scripts and stars in the work, which tells the story of Peter, an aspiring comedian who is betrayed by his wife.

Peter is the typical loser, supported by his wife, completely dedicated to something that is clearly not his business and ends up failing to build a career. His wife, played by the cute Lauren Lapkus, obviously gets tired of this situation and starts having an affair with a colleague.

Primeiras Impressões: Crashing 1

This pilot did not please, it made it clear that it was made for a very restricted audience: stand up fans. Peter shows his difficulty in elevating his career and between several scenes worthy of slapstick, all we understand is that his life is really crap and who would like to see all this would be the person who has the same dream as Peter. To prove this fact, the series added to the cast Artie Lange, a famous comedian in the USA, playing the role of himself.

Primeiras Impressões: Crashing 2
Peter Holmes and Artie Lang

The script is weak, the jokes are weak and they seem to reinforce the fact that Peter doesn't know how to write for comedy. I don't know to what extent the work is based on real events in the comedian's life, but I found it a very flawed attempt that the protagonist reinforces how much he is Catholic at various times, it gives the impression that they use religion to mock the person's personality .

If the purpose of Crashing was to make the viewer feel sorry for Peter, he succeeded, but not because of his suffering life as a failed comedian, but because of his lack of empathy. What was supposed to be funny in the behavior “my wife has an obligation to support and support me until I become a famous comedian” ends up being irritating.

Unfortunately, Crashing It's not the kind of production that will please. The pilot's 20 minutes dragged on and felt pretty pointless. If the quality of the script doesn't improve over the course of the season, I doubt it will please the public.

Crashing debut in HBO at 12:30 am from the 19th to the 20th of February. I advise you to turn on the TV at 23:00 and watch the premiere of Big Little Lies.


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