“During the State of the Nation speech a member of the ministry is kept in a secret location. In the event of a catastrophe reaching the government, that minister becomes the president. He is called a Designated Survivor (Designated Survivor) ”.

Who knew we would ever see Kiefer Sutherland become president of the USA (and take over wearing a sweatshirt!). In Designated Survivor he is the minister chosen to be safe during the speech. In this presentation, the much feared attack happens and Tom Kirkman (Sutherland) is forced to assume the presidency of the United States in a hurry, in the midst of an extremely chaotic situation - and taking his family with him to this mess.


Although it seems incredible to become president overnight, Designated Survivor makes it clear that it is not. Kirkman was a housing minister, and now, with the President and his successors dead, he finds himself in the middle of a war about to break out without any experience in command. It is up to him to lead investigations into the attack, calm the population and still deal with the nervousness of his own family, after all, his wife Alex Kirkman (Natascha McElhone), your teen Leo (Tanner Buchanan) and its small Penny (Mckenna Grace) were also forced to face it all and be carried to the white house.

As if all this tension was not enough, there are still rumors that the attack was prepared with intentions to let Kirkman assume the presidency, since he was fired the day before and was appointed from scratch to that position. In parallel, we see some scenes from the site of the attack, now destroyed, while finding clues and trying to find survivors. Is there a hope that someone in power might have survived?


All of these elements make Designated Survivor the most interesting debut of this Fall Season. With a breakneck pace, interspersing the police with politics, the series looks a bit like Quantum, with a greater dose of political issues.

The creator David Guggenheim shows that he thought very carefully about what he was doing, presenting Kirkman's drama in this episode, but leaving many subplots to be solved. The questions of who was responsible for the attack, letting it be understood that Kirkman's pose was intentional, the investigation into the rubble, the Kirkmans' family drama and some more conspiracies that promise to form leave much to be resolved this season, without tiring.

Designated Survivor will soon be in the catalog of Netflix


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