The first word comes to mind when I think of describing Growing up Fisher it is acceptable. Firstly because of the fact that at the beginning of the episode we are introduced to that famous catchy sign saying that the series is based on real events. Second, because we managed to have a few laughs with the blind father who tries to be a good guy, even without seeing anything.

Growing up Fisher tells the story of the Fisher family, highlighted by the youngest son Henry Fisher (Eli Baker), since the series is told from his point of view and narrated by an adult (Jason Bateman). As I mentioned above, Henry's father, Honey Fisher (JK Simmons, which is basically why this pilot liked it), is blind, but a great lawyer who uses his son as a guide dog in almost every moment of his life. Henry loves this “service” and is very attached to his father, but that all changes when his mother Joyce Fisher (Jenna Elfman) decides to file for divorce. With this divorce we have as a consequence Mel getting a real guide dog, which makes Henry a little upset, feeling forgotten and Joyce freaking everyone out (especially his daughter Katie, Interpreted by Ava Deluca-Verley) with his “I want to be young again” moment, without having any sense of limits.

It was a slightly weak pilot, where we let it go just because it was a comedy and had 20 minutes, and because it appealed a lot to the emotional. As I said at the beginning of the text, they already start appealing by saying that it is based on real events, which makes the most sensitive people cling to the plot to see the story of the cute little boy. The cute little boy is also an appeal to the emotional, ends up being one of the factors that keep the viewer until the end of the episode. To close the emotional side with a flourish, we have several cute moments between father and son.

I repeat: It is acceptable. It is interesting to see the difficulties and mistakes that the family does to overcome the divorce, it is also interesting to see the strong temperament of Henry, who is a boy with a lot of attitude, and the crazy ideas of Mel, who seems not to be convinced that he has some limitations. for being visually impaired. It's not the most original series that's on, Trophy Wife and The Goldbergs are there to taste, but it's worth 20 minutes of your day.




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