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First Impressions: Inhumans

Gradually, the Marvel is trying to take over the series world with his superheroes. With rights distributed among several channels, more and more series with this theme are coming out.

Inhumans it was one of the promising premieres. Based on comics that are not very well known, but are quite interesting, the series presents a totally new environment, where more developed beings left Earth to live in peace.

Therefore, everyone has super-powers, which are the result of a type of genetic mutation. These new people give so much importance to them, that they have a puberty ritual where the person manifests his powers and, in the rare moments when they do not manifest themselves, they are treated as "mere humans" and sent to deplorable jobs. Commanded by the king Black Lightning (Anson Mount) and the queen Jellyfish (Serinda Swan), the kingdom seemed well with these conditions until Maximus (Iwan Rheon), brother of the king and devoid of powers, puts up a blow.

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Inhumans | Image: ABC

The premise is very good, but the same cannot be said about execution. The problem already begins with the IMAX exhibition, which promised a revolution and actually turns out to be a very basic exhibition, which still yields the second problem: the joining of two episodes that are not exactly exciting and end up becoming tiring at times.

Launched as an 8-episode series, the double premiere delivers much of the plot and resolves more issues than it should, without piquing curiosity for what lies ahead. Using a long time to explain the characters, followed by a great display of their powers and only then to get into the central question, Inhumans it looks like a movie and gives the impression that it would have looked better in that format.

Scott Buck, so criticized for his work in Iron fist, delivers a new controversy in Inhumans. With poor dialogues, the two episodes try to explain some facts in words and fail to fulfill this mission. Consequently, many powers are poorly explained and some motivations are left empty, which leaves the plot weaker than it should.

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Inhumans | Image: ABC

However, not everything is bad in Inhumans. It is true that the production looks like a low budget film, but there are its positive points, the biggest one certainly is the performance of Iwan Rheon. Known for his role in game of Thrones, the actor proved he knows how to deliver a bloodthirsty villain and proved his talent in his role as an idiot in Vicious. However, in Inhumans, he gives life to a villain completely different from his previous role, who even investing in his cruel actions, has a cowardice and a regret in the look that the actor manages to show without difficulties. Again, Rheon proves his enormous talent.

Inhumans it didn’t do very well in its debut, with some execution errors, it didn’t even come close to being the revolution it promised. However, the premise still manages to please and serves as an entertainment. There are chances of improvement over the course of the season, ironically, when they try to invest less in production and turn the series into a common television work.

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Production makes execution errors that detract from the experience.


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