mob city

Mob City is the new debut of TNT, based on a real story and located in the 1940s.

The great turmoil that Mob City generated, was because of its creator, Frank Darabont, which has in its curriculum the series The Walking Dead (which explains the fact that there were some actors who were part of the cast in Mob City) and films like A dream of freedom,  Waiting for a miracle and  The fog. The series was produced in a very different format, six episodes that will be shown over three nights. That is, it is basically like watching a movie, 90 minutes each time it is shown.

This format was not a brilliant idea, I ended up finding it kind of tiring to watch these first two episodes in one shot.

The pilot presents us with the beautiful scenery of Los Angeles in the 1940s. There we are introduced to the mafia of the time, to the somewhat corrupt policeman Joe Teague (Shane John Bernthal), the big one sends the crime rain Mickey Hendry (Jeremy Strong) and the 3 great mobsters of the time, Bugsy Siegel (Ed Burns), Meyer Lansky (Patrick Fischler) and Sid Rothman (Robert Knepper), what  appear for now only in flashbacks of your childhood. Still in this pilot, we have the participation of the wonderful Simon Pegg Andrew Rothenberg and Jeffrey DeMunn , complete the list of “deceased in The Walking Dead”.

As every pilot who focuses only on presenting what will be in the series, it ended up getting slightly tiring, I say lightly why the scenario of the 1940s and the participation of Simon Pegg by themselves already attract the attention of the viewer. The way Darabont represented everything, based on the famous style noir, made the work very artistic and really pleased me. The little action that the episode has comes only at the end, and ends up serving as a hook for the second episode.

This second episode pleased much more. With more action and focused on the “beginning of the outcome” of the events started in the pilot, the episode flowed much more and managed to end, leaving the curiosity to see what lies ahead.

It is a good series, with a good look, well-known actors and a good script, however, I believe that it has not met the needs of the people who made all that mimimi about the series and its creator.




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