Based on Joe Hill’s book, AMC’s new production features a very promising driver. With a distinct terror, the plot is focused on a peculiar Nosferatu, who, escaping from the vampire standard of current fiction, sucks the energy of his victims.

Charlie Manx (Zachary Quinto) uses children that have problems in home, to feed themselve with his energy, believing so he are doing something good. Contrasting with him is Vic McQueen (Ashleigh Cummings), a girl who doesn’t have a perfect family relationship and who has just discovered strange powers to find lost things. Clearly their paths will cross and the girl will make Manx’s life difficult.

NOS4A2 | Image: AMC

Through an agitated narrative, the episode explains everything that is necessary to understand the plot proposal and what to expect for the rest of the season. With few details it’s possible to follow without any difficulty the events and to understand the gifts of each character, as well as their personalities and actions. It takes no more than two phrases from Quinto to understand that he pursues only children in trouble with their parents, as well as few scenes in the car, of which it is apparent how much the boy is languishing and Charlie Manx rejuvenating, making possible to fit the facts and understand everything easily.

The complexity of Hill in his works is apparent also in the series. Careful details are employed to give the hint to the viewer, who will certainly have no difficulty in picking up the air and unraveling the facts before they are properly presented.

NOS4A2 | Image: AMC

The terror is due to the apprehension and the psychological, without the use of strong scenes or exaggerations to create the climate. The suspense generated by the promise of more problems that will appear can whet the curiosity and leave the will to see what will come next. With the help of the cast, who can handle even the most tense moments without difficulty, the dark ambiance and the beautiful work of makeup, NOS4A2 delivers a quality episode.

Explaining well its plot, leaving a suspenseful atmosphere that whets the curiosity and taking advantage to please horror fans with references to Stephen King and Lovercraft, NOS4A2 is a worthy debut and premieres June 3 at AMC.




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