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First Impressions: Pitch

Pitch it could be just another sports series showing the rise of a career, if it weren't for one small detail: the athlete in question is the first woman to play in the major baseball league.

Focused on the life of Ginny Baker (Kylie Bunbury), the Pitch shows the courage of a woman to arrive practically alone in the Major League Baseball, facing the challenge of being surrounded exclusively by men. The Episode makes it very clear, at various times, that Ginny's feat was no small feat, at the time no woman would at least be considered for the vacancy, since the general opinion was that they were not strong enough to compete with men.

Wandering between the protagonist's current challenge and her past, we discover in flashbacks how Ginny got to where she arrived. Your father (Michael Beach), frustrated by not being able to be a professional player, had a fixed mind to train his son, but the boy had no interest. Her youngest showed that she had a way, so he taught her with an iron fist, using even some dubious techniques, always focused on getting her a future in the business.

It is obvious that Ginny becomes an inspiration for young women, something that is very explored in this pilot, besides being very protected by his publicist. It is evident the excessive affection she has for her successful pitcher, an almost admiration. And their teammates, proving their machismo, constantly underestimate their performance, judging their participation only as "ticket sales" and not as talent.

Pitch it's a beautiful success story, a real feminist lesson. It is very beautiful to see the support that Ginny has from her friends, who are not many but sincere, and how she handles offenses without being affected.

However, the future of the series is worrying. In this pilot, the Dan Fogelman and Rick Singer presented such a complete story, it could be considered a film and end here. Little remains for the future, which leads us to believe that the series will quickly fall into sameness. Anyway, only time can tell and we can hope that the plot can unfold in a pleasant way.


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