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First impressions: Powerless

"Not every super hero wears capes"


Superhero series are dominating the schedules, the NBC decided to embrace the success that this theme is making and launch its own, however, without super-powers!

Yes, that's the idea of Powerless (which in loose translation means exactly that, without powers), which focuses on a group of inventors of accessories for the heroes.

situated in the fictitious Charm City, a city that has so many heroes that it has become routine to meet many on their way to work, the plot begins with Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens), who dreams of making a difference in the world and therefore moves to the city in search of a job where he can achieve that dream. She then starts working at the company. Wayne Security, led by Bruce Wayne's distant cousin, van wayne (Alan Tudyk, by Firefly), where they make accessories for the heroes. All involved are related only to the A.D.

Powerless: Danny Pudi, Vanessa Hudgens and Christina Kirk
Photo: Chris Large/NBC

this is the grace of Powerless, uma garota que consegue achar impressionante a vida ao redor de heróis, quando todos acham costumeiro demais. De um jeito divertido, que quase pende pro ridículo, a série diverte e solta uma pequena crítica à sociedade que não sabe mais dar valor às coisas cotidianas. E se você souber analisar, chega a dar uma cutucada nas inúmeras séries de heróis existentes…

The pilot was unpretentious and fun, introducing the basics of the characters and setting the tone for the work. To enhance the comedy, the cast has names like danny pudi (known for his role in community), Christina Kirk and Ron Funches.

Being basically a series of superheroes where they're the supporting cast, Powerless is a funny and different debut that manages to entertain without overdoing the absurd and still sends the message that you don't need to have powers to be able to save the world.

The cast fit in well, their chemistry maintains the quality of the episode. You can tell the show has a bit of Community in it, with Emily's relationship already starting the wrong way with some of her peers. No doubt these kicks will be much explored in the future.

However, it is always worth mentioning that as much as the pilot pleased, the simple theme of the work is a little worrying. Having only one villain for support and good references, can you keep your interest in many episodes?

The first season of Powerless will feature 13 episodes. There is still no information on who will show the series in Brazil.



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