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First Impressions: Star Trek Discovey

The newest bet from Netflix, Star Trek Discovery it arrives showing for what it came: to be a series acclaimed by longtime fans and by the new ones that will accompany this new saga created by Gene Roddenberry.

The series known today as Classic, made its first “Star Trek” in 1966, returning in 1987 with the New generation, Deep Space 9 in 1993, Voyager in 1995 and the last one that went to TV, Enterprise in 2001. In addition to television, Star Trek won cinemas between 1979 and 2013.

Finally, after so many years, Star Trek returns to the small screens through a partnership between the channel CBS and Netflix. The new production proves to be totally independent, there is no need to have checked the previous works to be situated in the events. It brings a new proposal with stories never told.

The plot takes place 10 years before the Enterprise commanded by Kirk navigate through space, boldly going where no one has ever been, as the opening narration was (The correct thing was "where no man"). This time, in the first two episodes, we are introduced to a peaceful universe. The Federation is clearly an institution of exploiters and its members live in relative peace and harmony. Inside the USS Shenzhou, the atmosphere is one of play among the officers who are enthusiastic about exploring the borders of space.

Primeiras Impressões: Star Trek Discovey 1
Star Trek Discovery | Image: CBS

The actress Sonequa Martin-Green, the First Officer Michael Burnham, delivers a strong character that seems to collide between two worlds, the human and the Vulcan, but only appears. It is easy to see that she is a human and her intellect is superior and analytical due to the education she received on the planet from Sarek. Totally logical, since any child educated in the best institutions will always have a better mind for certain subjects. It is not prejudice.

By the way, Sarek, father of Spock, interpreted by James Frain, leaves no doubt about what it means to be logical, maintaining a neutral voice at all times and presenting a great mentor and leaving no gaps for comparisons about which actor did the best "Sarek".

Primeiras Impressões: Star Trek Discovey 2
Sarek on Star Trek Discovery | Image: CBS

The first two episodes of the series - out of a total of 15 that will air weekly - are just part of the play on a stage that will have consequences for peace within the Federation. The arrival of Klingons in the first episode, it is clearly a representation of the world we live in.

The script presents several conflicts where there is no right or wrong. Both sides are right in their points of view and at all times those who rise to diverge and bring a new point of view, are taxed by their past or social class.

Star Trek Discovery it shows this without frills. The plot is quick and without delay to introduce each character from episode to episode, mistreating the intelligence and patience of those who watch.

Primeiras Impressões: Star Trek Discovey 3
Star Trek Discovery | Image: CBS

With fast episodes, engaging characters and personalities that will make a good part of the audience feel a certain affinity, Star Trek Discovery it's unique. The viewer is not obliged to accept a trio of characters as the center of the whole story. There are others that are not just a decoration or with catch phrases that happen in many other series.

For this and other reasons, Star Trek Discovery a debut is shown promising and hopefully will be able to keep pace for the whole season.

Thunder Wave note
With fast episodes and engaging characters, Star Trek: Discovery proves to be a promising debut.


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