Getting to the channels HBO, promising to be one of the company's controversial productions, The Deuce premieres this month providing a look at the rise of the porn industry in New York.

Its pilot focuses on introducing the characters, but it doesn't work so well with the presentation of the plot. The premise is focused on the twin brothers Vincent and Frank Martino (James Franco), who begin a legacy of the porn industry in Time Square. However, none of this is clear for now, in this first episode we only see the relationships and motivations of each character.

With 1 hour and 25 minutes in length, the pilot is the dangerous type for a series presentation, of those that cause a fear for the long duration, which is compounded by the slow climate and the lack of a plot promise to explore. It will hardly please those who do not know the proposal of The Deuce, there is a huge risk that the viewer will think that the production is just a vision of prostitution and sexual daily life in New York.

Primeiras Impressões: The Deuce 1
The Deuce | Image: HBO

The choice to focus only on the characters in his presentation was wrong in terms of holding the audience's interest, but in return it shows an incredible skill of the creators. David Simon and George Pelecanos in building them. There's no doubt about each one's motives for becoming what they did, in addition to giving a good idea of how their paths will cross.

To help in this construction, nothing better than good performances and that The Deuce have plenty. Maggie Gyllenhaal looks spectacular as a self-sufficient prostitute who does what she does to help her family. James Franco he delivers double his performance, being convincing on both sides, both the bartender brother who has problems in his marriage, and the ham gambler who lives in trouble. Margarita Levieva, who gives life to a liberal student, is a great highlight of the cast, being unknown in relation to her colleagues in the main cast, she shows herself capable of keeping up - at times even surpassing - the heavy names with whom she works.

Primeiras Impressões: The Deuce 2
The Deuce | Image: HBO

The setting in the 70s gives a pleasant atmosphere to the series, which is made more attractive by the beautiful representation of the time. Both for its content and for its setting, The Deuce remember the great production of the channel Magnificent 70, which works with the same character construction and a complex plot, which manages to put sex in the background.

That is why, The Deuce It seems to be a great production, but poorly presented. Its pilot demonstrates that there is an interesting path to follow, with scenes and connections that manage to give an expectation of a complex plot, however it is necessary to have a previous knowledge of the original proposal to have the interest aroused.

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first-impressions-the-deuceThe series has an interesting proposal and a promising plot, but fails to convey this to the public by focusing its pilot only on the characters.


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