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First Impressions: The Good Doctor

Freddie Highmore delivers a mix of House and Sheldon in the new ABC series

Medical series never tire. The theme tends to please the public and the plot is always easy to manipulate, just put a differential in the medical team and several personal subplots and we have an interesting and generally very captivating production.

The Good Doctor uses this formula, but putting a very original differential: the protagonist is autistic. Freddie Highmore gives life to Shaun Murphy, an aspiring surgeon who will start residency. Shaun is autistic with savantism (Sage Syndrome), so he has enormous intelligence and can remember and notice things that most doctors miss.

This ability is very well represented at the beginning of this episode, when a child has an accident at the airport and is seriously injured. The contrast between the knowledge of the protagonist, who is not even a trained doctor, is evident when he corrects the doctor who is attending the injured boy. With just this scene, the audience can understand the character's knowledge and enormous determination.

The Good Doctor
The Good Doctor | Image: m ABC

The rest of the pilot focuses on explaining a little about the character's past, while showing the mandatory medical parts in the hospital and opens an interesting discussion in the hospital management about whether or not to accept an autistic person as a resident. This part is already a great differential, as it ends up presenting a huge and relevant discussion about acceptance.

Freddie Highmore again delivers a great performance. Known since he was a child, he played a more complex role in Bates Motel, of which he did a great job and in The Good Doctor he manages to overcome himself. His representation as autistic is sensational, the actor has no difficulties in demonstrating the peculiarities of his different behavior in small gestures or a lack of eye contact, as well as Graham Verchere (younger version of the character), who can imitate gestures in a very convincing way. The entire construction of the character is well done, the script helps by putting phrases that demonstrate how Shaun sees the world in a different way. A dialogue, where he explains a little of his past, which begins with “the day the air smelled like cotton candy” makes it very clear that we have a very complex and different protagonist.

Another differential of The Good Doctor -which highlights it among so many medical series-, is its visually didactic content. Taking advantage of the scenes in which there is a need to explain what only Shaun is seeing, the production places images of human anatomy that help laypeople in the area to identify what is being said, after all, who knows the names of all the arteries in the body ?

The Good Doctor
Visual representation in The Good Doctor | Image: ABC

The Good Doctor it was a promising debut, and now, in its pilot, it proves that it is a sensational work. Using a theme that tends to please, with differentials that really highlight the production, it is a series to be followed without guilt.

Thunder Wave note
With great differences in the plot and production and great performances, The Good Doctor is a very promising debut.


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