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First Impressions: The Mist

Stephen King he has wonderful ideas and I dare say that his oldest works are the best. The fog, a story that the author published in 1980 is a great horror, which contains all the elements necessary to keep the despair in the reader with few pages and has already yielded a cinematic adaptation in 2008.

A series based on this plot, which puts several people trapped in a commercial establishment while a mysterious fog covers the city, full of supernatural and dangerous creatures, would certainly please. However, two factors left a fear about this production: the news that the plot would be openly modified, following the pattern of Fargo and the mistakes made in Under The Dome, based on the book by the same author, that could set the tone for this new work as well.

Apparently, these fears do not fit into The Mist. The pilot presented an interesting production, which manages to keep the terror and suspense even modifying much of the original plot. The point is that the changes, so far, do not affect the general understanding, but as they are about personal relationships, they can hinder the future if they decide to abuse the dramatic load.

The Mist
The Mist | Image: Spike

This episode focuses on introducing the main characters and their dilemmas, and putting the fog in context. Opening with a scene where a person wakes up disoriented and sees a dog being destroyed inside in the fog- and of course being the character who will try to warn everyone without anyone paying attention-, the script already shows the danger that everyone is running, and then leave for more intimate moments of the main family.

Several subplots are created, dealing with some controversial issues like a teacher who is fired for openly dealing with sex in class; a teenager who accuses the son of a rape policeman and a boy who is not attached to sexes and therefore suffers from problems with his father. These are the main changes, where the main family is no longer composed of the father and his toddler son trapped in a market with several strangers, but rather a connected situation, where those involved - which apparently indicate they will be trapped in a shopping mall - are well-known and has his personal lines.

Primeiras Impressões: The Mist 1

The Mist presents many differences, but still delivers the best of Stephen King. Giving few tips of what really exists inside the fog, in a beautiful visual, the production of the channel Spike is not afraid to show some stronger scenes and with that proves that there will be a lot of terror in it. The tone of the script manages to maintain the necessary suspense and promises to trap the audience in this plot. If they don't start abusing the drama that started in the subplots, the series will be promising.

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Thunder Wave note
Despite changing a lot of the original work, the series manages to keep the terror and looks very promising.


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