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First Impressions | Basic Unit - Season 2

After 4 years of waiting, the second season of Basic Unit recently aired on Universal TV. The series that addresses the day-to-day life in a basic health unit, is also a reference to many medical students, and returns in a totally propitious moment, with the world facing COVID-19, the role of health professionals is highlighted , and having the debut in this circumstance is a very welcome coincidence.

First impressions

The police are carrying out the repossession of an illegal occupation and Dr. Paulo (Caco Ciocler) is in the middle of that confusion, trying to keep the residents there, even without understanding exactly what is happening, we know that that scene is an important point for this episode.

We follow the day of Dr. Laura (Ana Petta) in a private hospital, doing residency in the area of radiology and how the things she learned at UBS are easily ignored by her superiors, who do not take into account the patient's history and the environment in which she is inserted. As she does not agree with a diagnosis given to one of her former patients, she returns to the community and finds the UBS under the direction of Cilene (Fabiana Gugli), which focuses only on numerical results of visits, which causes friction between the new director and Dr. Paulo.

Dr. Paulo e Dra. Laura | Créditos: Pedro Saad
Dr. Paulo and Dra. Laura | Credits: Pedro Saad

With a diagnosis that proves to be wrong, and an imminent public health problem, Dr. Laura together with the other professionals need to face the repossession of that occupation that was encouraged by the director of UBS, who only retreats when she agrees to return to UBS under Cilene's conditions.

This first episode demonstrates well how the rhythm of the season will be, in an even more intense way than the previous one, and addressing issues not only of medicine, but of functioning beyond the offices and the conditions that these professionals face every day. Being not only a series of entertainment, but also a way to honor all these real-life characters who fight every day for their patients, in the most adverse situations. All the cases told this season were also inspired by real cases.

The series airs every Sunday with double episodes, starting at 11pm on Universal TV


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