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First Impressions: Vicious

Gandalf(X-Men) e Mestre(Dr.Who)
Gandalf (The Hobbit) and Master (Dr. Who)

Vicious tells the story of a gay couple, who have lived together for over 48 years. It narrates their daily life, between various discussions, where one wants to be better than the other.

Freddie(Ian Mckellen) and Stuart (Derek Jacobi) two retirees who met at a young age, where Freddie was still a novice actor and Stuart a bar manager. Their routine changes when the attractive young man Ash (Iwan Reon), appears to ring the bell of their apartment thinking that it is what is for rent, and learns that it is the apartment above, and becomes their newest neighbor.Violet (Frances De La Tour) is an old friend of theirs, who also ends up flirting with their new neighbor.

Vicious it is a sitcom, with live recordings, so there is only one scenario where everything develops.

The topic is current, because we are having an evolution in the fight for the rights of homosexuals, including Ian McKellen is co-founder of a group of these called Stonewall.

I confess that I found Ian doing comedy strange, because I am used to his roles as Gandalf in Lord of the Rings and Hobbit, and Magneto in X-Men, where he is always the almighty, but he did well doing an arrogant comedy.

Actor Derek Jacobi, who starred in The Gladiator and the Borgias Series, is also very well in that role and both actors are openly gay in real life.

I don't particularly like these live shows, with the laughter of the audience, with the exception of only The Big Bang Theory. But the actors are very good, already respected, and we will see how this plot develops through the episodes, but it is worth watching this pilot by the caliber of the actors.





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