Gathering espionage, romance and comedy, Whiskey Cavalier is ABC’s new bet.

Whiskey Cavalier soon shows his proposal. Featuring the protagonist Will Chase (Scott Foley) in a melancholy situation, where he is suffering from being left by his fiancée, to the sound of “Total Eclipse of the Hearth”. This mix of broken heart and comic relief sets the tone of the episode, which invests in typical moments of espionage, with all the action and intrigue, packed with fun moments.

Whiskey Cavalier | Imagem ABC

Bringing back a theme that usually pleases the public, and has been forgotten by the channels, the series conquers in the first minutes. Both the light and interesting plot and the main cast.

Scott Foley, who recently stepped from his much more serious role in Scandall, manages to balance the weight of the loss of the protagonist with the comic relief, without leaving aside his personality of politically correct FBI Agent. On top of all this, he still delivers good chemistry with his screen partner Lauren Cohan. Bringing life to CIA agent Franklin Trowbridge, Cohan does not shy away from the “Independent Woman” roles we are used to seeing, but still stands out for the subtlety and confidence that goes.

Appealing to nostalgia, Tyler James Williams, the Everlasting Chris of Everybody Hates Chris, closes the circle acting in a simple role, which presents the right jokes at the right moments. By the way, the actor has worked alongside Lauren Cohan in The Walking Dead.

Whiskey Cavalier | Image: ABC

despite appealing to some clichés, Whiskey Cavalier is a very promising debut. Amid all the espionage setting, the series arrives with the promise of being perfect to relieve the head after a stressful day, without having to compromise the action for that.


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