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First Impressions: Young Sheldon

Sheldon Cooper is one of the most striking characters from The Big Bang Theory. Because he has Asperger's Syndrome, his different way - which includes his inability to understand sarcasm and difficulty in social interaction - and his immense intelligence, Sheldon quickly won over the audience.

So it was not a big surprise when Young Sheldon was announced, with the proposal to show the character's probably complicated childhood. To represent him the child actor was chosen Iain Armitage, which from the first disclosures showed an enormous talent to represent the famous Jim Parsons. In fact, the actor leaves nothing to be desired in his performance.

In his debut episode, Young Sheldon shows exactly what was put in the trailer. Narrated by Jim Parsons, as an adult Sheldon, this pilot introduces the character at the age of 9, when, because he is so smart, he is already starting high school. The plot focuses on the social problems - inside and outside the home - that Sheldon suffers from.

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Sheldon's family in Young Sheldon | Image: CBS

The Big Bang Theory openly explores Sheldon's characteristics, but rarely talks about it seriously. It seems, Young Sheldon it also intends to address the serious side, between comedic moments, the plot presents typical problems of the creation of a child with different behavior. This approach is even more evident with the contrast of Sheldon's mother's behavior (Zoe Perry) compared to the rest of the family, she seems to be the only one to understand the child's needs.

On the other hand, the protagonist's intimacy is also explored. It is already known to the public that Sheldon is not very affectionate, without being a fan of hugs or any intimate contact in general. The roadmap for Chuck Lorre takes the opportunity to intensify the importance of these rare moments of affection in well-placed scenes. The presence of two brothers in the house, including a twin very well represented by the small Raegan Revord, helps to make the differences in Sheldon's behavior even more striking.

Different than The Big Bang Theory, O spin off it is not recorded in front of an audience, which helps to give a more serious look to the production. This change of tone and the adult Sheldon's narrative were good choices and work very well in this episode. However, there is no way of knowing whether these elements will continue. If the script really decides to fully explore the character’s syndrome, Young Sheldon it will be a great series.

Thunder Wave note
Exploring the character's social problems a little more, Young Sheldon has a more serious tone and promises to please.


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