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Producers of 'SHAZAM!' confirm post-credits scene and guarantee that Adão Negro will not appear in the feature


During a press conference, Peter Safran and Hiram Garcia, producers of SHAZAM!, revealed some curiosities about the film, important issues that concern the setting of the feature, characters and even post-credit scenes with the participation or not of Black Adam, one of the hero's villains.

"I think it's probably the same decision that there is in all these movies, which is, what's going to be fun, what's going to make the audience happy, and what's going to be a good ending to the end of the movie that's satisfying for the fans.", said Safran, “this is the debate that always exists. We had a lot of options, but I believe we ended up with something very good.“, said the producer.

When asked about the likelihood of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson appear in the long like Black Adam, Peter was categorical in denying possible theories that took for granted, the actor's participation at the end of the film. "complete myth“, he stated. "He could be available, that's the only part that might be true. I don't know if he was or not, but there was never a conversation with him about a post-credits scene. seriously, never", reaffirmed Safran.

In July 2018, during an interview with the German portal Filmstars, The Rock confirmed that progress towards Black Adam, the character's solo film, was in a thousand wonders and that a hero or two could appear in the production. "So without giving too much spoiler: there may be one or two appearances by other heroes“, advanced the actor without giving new details if they will also co-star in the film or will be just participation.

Hiram Garcia, another producer of SHAZAM!, confirmed that both films are set in the same universe, but that both have different tones. "Both movies vibrate in different ways", said Garcia, praising the performance of Zachary Levi, the protagonist of the film. "We are very excited to have Levi like the SHAZAM! Perfect“, concluded the producer.

Still without releasing a new trailer, the Warner Bros. Pictures has disclosed teasers and sneak peaks with behind-the-scenes and important plot information through the opinions of the film's cast and crew. Watch the recently released video below (with subtitles in Portuguese).

SHAZAM! has debut scheduled for the next day April 4.



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