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Projeto Paradiso supports Brazilian films selected at Cannes

O Brazil in the World program, of Paradiso Project, supports Brazilian films and co-produced by Brazil selected for the 74th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, one of the most important cinema events in the world. The objective is to contribute to the strengthening of national participation in large markets and events abroad.

Scheduled to take place from the 6th to the 17th of July, the Cannes Festival, in the south of France, returns to the presence in 2021, after the restrictions imposed by the pandemic last year.

In this edition, the Paradiso Project invested US$ 20 thousand in supporting its presence in Cannes and in Last Money format, which offers complementary resources necessary for the completion and internationalization of works, for example, for assembly, marketing or distribution.

The Paradiso Project has already supported the Brazilian presence at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019, with Nighthawk, in Kleber Mendonça Filho, and 2020, with antique house, in João Paulo Miranda. This year, the philanthropic initiative dedicated to national audiovisual talents, maintained by Olga Rabinovich Institute, collaborated with Brazilian productions in the Berlin festivals, Sundance and Rotterdam.

In Cannes, the Brasil no Mundo program supported four films:

Mountain Sailor", in Karim Ainouz, produced by the Brazilian video movies in partnership with Globo Films and the GloboNews, in association with MPM Film / Watchmen / Flammable Cinema. The distribution is from Gullane. The feature was selected for the Cannes Film Festival Special Sessions. The film is a travel diary filmed during the director's first visit to Algeria, his father's country of origin.

Jellyfish", in Anita Rocha da Silveira, produced by Banana Tree Movies, which will be shown in the parallel show Fifteen of the Directors. The film addresses society's pressure on women to be perfect, through the story of Mariana, a young woman obsessed with controlling every aspect of her life.

The Employee and the Boss", in Manuel Nieto, co-production between Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina, carried out in Brazil by Brazilian producers Sancho & Punta and Vulcan, also for the Directors' Fortnight. A tragic event and a fierce horse race put the destinies of employer and employee at risk.

Night of Fire", in Tatiana Huezo, Mexico-Brazil co-production, selected for the show Un Certain Régard. In the plot, a portrait of girls who grow up in a violent rural town, trained by their mothers to flee in search of their hiding places.

About the Paradiso Project

The Paradiso Project, a philanthropic initiative of the Olga Rabinovich Institute, invests in professional training and knowledge generation with scholarship and mentoring programs, in addition to courses, seminars and studies. Focused on internationalization, it works through partnerships with leading institutions in Brazil and around the world, creating opportunities for professionals at different stages of their careers. In three years of existence, it has already benefited dozens of Brazilian audiovisual professionals through its numerous initiatives. Are they:

Brazil in the World : seeks to strengthen national participation in major markets and festivals abroad, through support for films selected for competitive screenings, projects seeking international co-production and awards in the Last Money format.

Paradiso Incubator : supports the development of Brazilian fiction feature screenplays that stand out in important audiovisual laboratories and markets in the country. The program offers customized support and mentoring for the production and internationalization of the project, in addition to a scholarship for the screenwriter.

Paradiso Multiplies : is a knowledge democratization initiative. Professionals benefiting from the Paradiso Scholarships have the opportunity to study around the world and, through this program, share the knowledge acquired with diverse audiences from all over the country.

Scholarships and Awards : the Paradiso Scholarships focus on short- and medium-term training abroad, for the improvement of professionals already active in the market. The Awards, on the other hand, are aimed at training and professional training, in partnership with initiatives such as festivals, markets and exhibitions.

Courses and Seminars : together with renowned national and international partners, the Paradiso Project encourages the generation and dissemination of information, in order to contribute to the qualification of the debate on the audiovisual market.

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