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Pulp à Brasiliana | Book set in Northern Brazil narrates an electrifying adventure and discusses dramas of the region

How far would a writer go to find inspiration? In Pulp à Brasiliana, new book by Yvis Tomazini, Sabrina Barlavento is famous and awarded in the literary circuit, but remains haunted by a negative review about her work. Desperate to find a good story, the author accepts the unusual and even dangerous proposal of Rafael Perso, a crook involved with drug trafficking, to venture into an abandoned Nazi cemetery.

A thought-provoking thriller with hints of romance, filled with trickery and historical curiosities. These are the pillars of Pulp à Brasiliana, which bring to the national scene a breathtaking plot that also addresses topics such as the neglect of the Amazon Forest and the undignified treatment given to indigenous peoples.

“If something so extraordinary was unknown to the vast majority, I imagined what the forest kept under it. THE
Amazon maybe was really the treasure itself and hurt it looking for something that was behind
your shield of mystery, it would be like extinguishing the rainbow in search of the pot of gold.”
(Pulp à Brasiliana, p. 494)

Set primarily in the Amazon, the author uses his travel references to the place to create a unique reading experience. In an almost cinematic way, the reader follows scenes that recall the dynamism of Steven Spielberg and dialogues that refer to the characteristic style of Luis Fernando Veríssimo.

By showing behind the scenes of a writer's process, the book masterfully represents all those who have the burning need to shake life to find inspiration and achieve their goals. Full of nostalgia and references to adventure classics, pop culture lovers will fall in love with this unlikely duo of protagonists.

The book launch and Yvis' personal adventures through the Amazon also resulted in a documentary that will have episodes published weekly on Youtube channel from the author. The audiovisual work presents information about the forest, especially the region of Laranjal do Jari, and the people who live in it in a narrative that brings together playful and artistic elements.


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