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Schood smart bracelet can be an ally for schools to return to face-to-face classes safely

The return of face-to-face classes is already a reality in several cities in Brazil and the safety of students and school staff has become an even greater concern. The government of the State of São Paulo, for example, made it possible to return to school from February 8 with 35% of capacity and raised again many discussions on the best ways to ensure compliance with the health standards established by Organs competent bodies to stop and reduce the impacts of the pandemic.

Given this scenario, educational technology solutions can be an important ally in returning to classrooms, such as the smart bracelet Schood, a wearable developed by Educational technology, education arm of Positive Technology.

Pulseira inteligente Schood pode ser aliada para escolas voltarem às aulas presenciais em segurança 1
Image / Disclosure: Educational Technology

Launched in 2019 as a wearable technology that allows you to monitor the arrival of students at schools, attendance in the classroom and even assist in shopping in the canteen without using cash or cards, Schood was improved in the last year to also assist in the control of agglomerations, whether on arrival and departure, at recess or in any other situation.

Pulseira inteligente Schood pode ser aliada para escolas voltarem às aulas presenciais em segurança 2
Image / Disclosure: Educational Technology

Using a thermometer installed at the school entrance, the system checks the temperature of each student, teacher or employee, and displays this information on its display and records it in the user's database. Thus, it is possible to control the body temperature of all people who access the school, and, consequently, give schools the opportunity to manage and take action according to health protocols.

Regarding the monitoring of agglomerations, Schood also controls the presence of users by geolocation, issuing an alert if the space exceeds the recommended number of people. With these data in hand, school managers can avoid risky situations for the contagion of the new coronavirus and also develop measures and strategies throughout the resumption and continuity of face-to-face classes.

“Thermal gauging and geolocation are resources that give even more security to parents, students and school professionals, who can follow from a distance and in real time a series of activities that may not be recommended in a pandemic scenario”, said Rafael Kohler, product manager of Positivo Tecnologia's educational technologies unit. “We always emphasize, however, that technology has come to add, and it is essential that other preventive measures against the spread of the virus, such as the use of a mask and a minimum distance of 1.80m, among others, are taken by those responsible for each school environment. ”.

Integrated with the canteen system, Schood encourages cashless payment, without the need to use banknotes or cards, reducing contact between people. Another resource, “Tô indo”, avoids crowds when leaving school, as it informs when the parent or guardian is close to the school to pick up a student. In addition, the Educational Technology smart bracelet sends notifications and alerts related to safety, as in the case of students approaching risk areas.

Before the pandemic, the adoption of Schood by the Cuiabano de Ensino Institute (ICE) in Cuiabá / MT, led to an increase of 30% in enrollments. According to the director, Edu Neto, the parents' feedback was very positive. “For them, it is important to know that their children are accompanied in real time in the school environment. And the from now on, Schood becomes even more relevant for the adoption and control of health standards, in addition to being an ally in the fight against covid-19 ″. said Edu.

Interested in more information about Schood, including the subsidy that, exceptionally Educational Technology is offering, are available at:

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Pulseira inteligente Schood pode ser aliada para escolas voltarem às aulas presenciais em segurança 3
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