Three years after its release, comic artist Hyna Crimson released her comic book Temporal, free of charge, on the online platform Tapas. The story addresses themes such as depression and mental suffering in adolescence. The author hopes that easier access to the story will reach a greater number of people and help them to become aware of and understand the importance of the topic. 

“When I wrote Temporal, my goal was to help some friends and people close to me in the best way I could: making comics. It turned out that the reception I got from all the readers made me super happy. I was helping more people than I thought. It was then that I realized that if I put the comic online and for free, the story could reach even more people and maybe help them in this rainy phase”, explains the artist.

Temporal tells the story of a teenager who is going through a phase of mental suffering and who cannot deal with the facts that happen in her life. “Every day we face external problems and internal challenges that only we can understand. That's when we can understand them. Despite seeming to be an easy-to-read comic, Temporal deals with sensations and feelings where a simple empty board can represent a lot”, he details.

The physical edition of the work was released in 2018, during the Belo Horizonte International Comic Festival (FIQ BH). The online version, published three years later, is not a simple reproduction of the physical version of the comic. By making the story available on the internet, Hyna took the opportunity and made changes to adapt the comic to new media, using complementary features such as animations and sound effects.

The inspiration came from other works that made use of multimedia tools. “The first time I saw this feature using animations in a webcomic was in Bear, by Bianca Pinheiro. Since then I've been wanting to play with this feature. It was then that the idea of highlighting some points of my comic through animations came up. An example is the constant storm in the character's life, which gains even more life in the digital version”.

The digital edition of Temporal can be accessed at official site.


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