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What is the most popular Pokemon in the world? It's in Brazil?

Study shows which are the most popular Pokemon around the world! And what's yours?

In 1996, the game developer, Game Freak and the Nintendo launched Pokémon Red and Blue to Game Boy and the game introduced 151 Pokémon, known as Generation I. Although more than 700 new Pokémon have appeared in the 25 years since the release of Red and Blue, a time when Pokémon became the highest grossing media franchise of all time, Little monsters from the original remain among the most popular in the series.

In celebration of Pokémon's 25th Anniversary, it was noticed how fans of the series vary in taste for Pokemon around the world. In this way, The Toy Zone website analyzed the research data of the Google to identify the most popular Pokemon in each country.

The most popular in the world

It is interesting to realize that Pikachu is the one that appears most worldwide. Does anyone have any doubts about its popularity? Anyway, there are some world surprises like Snorlax and even Magikarp!

Qual o Pokemon mais popular do mundo? E no Brasil? 1

The most popular in Brazil

Qual o Pokemon mais popular do mundo? E no Brasil? 2

As you can see the list is quite big! The most interesting thing is to realize that the darling in Brazil is not the Pikachu as so many imagine. Who wins here is the Charmander. In other South American countries, the electric Pokemon ends up winning.

What is the most popular Pokemon in the world?

Qual o Pokemon mais popular do mundo? E no Brasil? 3

Did you know that clefairy was originally the Pokémon mascot alongside Pikachu? Over the 25 years of the series, different Pokémon have emerged as fan favorites. Although many can predict which yellow pokemon ranks as the most popular, that is, the no. 1, the popularity of some Pokémon today can be surprising.

To view the popularity of the 151 original Pokémon today, check out the Generation I poster, ranking Pokémon by popularity according to global search volume.

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