Razer announces expansion in Latin America in 2022

Company will significantly increase investments in the region.


The Razer, a global lifestyle brand for gamers, has just announced its plans for growth and continued investment for Latin America in 2022. The project aims to further strengthen the local teams working in the region's commercial and e-commerce management sector , in addition to expanding the product offering of the division focused on mobile and consoles. 

To achieve the goals, Razer will increase investment in the region's leading e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon (Mexico and Brazil) and Free market (Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Colombia and Mexico), where the company estimates an annual revenue increase of 40%. The expansion of distribution channels will also allow the brand to offer even more product options to Latin American gamers, including gaming chairs, console peripherals, streaming accessories, among others.

In parallel, Razer will tour the B2B market in several countries in order to strengthen relationships and introduce the growing Razer Latam team to the main distributors and partners in the region, developing customized strategies for each of them. Under the leadership of Marcella Sosa, Regional Sales Manager for LatAm, and Luciana Pucci, Marketing Manager for Latin America, Razer will visit nine countries in two stages:

From April 18 to May 7, the delegation will travel through the Southern Cone of Latin America, including Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru, where Marcella Sosa and Luciana Pucci will be joined by Vitor Martins, Razer's regional manager in Brazil, and Eugenia Lamarque, national manager of Razer in Argentina.

“The tour will not just be a way for us to establish contact with distributors in each of these countries. We really aim to strengthen one of the most passionate gaming communities in the world. This approach will allow us to better understand consumers, understand their needs and identify opportunities to grow together with the region”, explains Marcella. 

During the visit to Peru, Razer will also introduce to the local market Jorge Milla de León, Razer's new country manager in the country, who arrives with the mission of strengthening local relationships and developing new partnerships.

In a second moment, between May and June, the Razer team will cover the northern region of Latin America, with visits to Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico and El Salvador. At this stage, Sosa and Pucci will be joined by Manuel Gomez, country manager at Razer in Mexico and Central America, and Delio Molina, the company's newly appointed country manager in Colombia.

“One of our main objectives during our trips through Latin America is to reinforce our market strategy with the region, not only in the e-Sports and games sector, but in mobile products”, said Luciana Pucci. "Our approach prioritizes products designed to satisfy gamers' needs on multiple fronts, from chairs to streaming hardware to the world's largest Chroma RGB ecosystem, as well as microphones, headphones, and other peripherals."

The visits will conclude when the delegation arrives in Mexico, one of the main stops. There, the team will engage directly with the eSports community, establishing new and exciting alliances with a soon-to-be-announced partner.

About Razer 

Razer is the world's leading lifestyle brand for gamers and its logo, a three-headed snake, is one of the most recognizable symbols among the global community of eSports players and professionals. With a fan base on every continent, the company has designed and built the largest ecosystem of hardware, software and services for gamers in the world. 

Razer's award-winning product lineup ranges from high-performance gaming peripherals (for PC and consoles) to powerful Razer Blade laptops. Razer's software platform, which has more than 150 million users, includes Razer Synapse (a free system for configuring features of its products), Razer Chroma (proprietary RGB backlight technology) and Razer Cortex (software developed to improve gaming performance and which is at the heart of the entire player experience). 

Among the services offered by Razer are Razer Gold, one of the world's leading unified virtual credits for gamers, and Razer Fintech, one of the largest digital payment networks in Southeast Asia. Founded in 2005 with headquarters in Irvine, (California) and Singapore, as well as regional headquarters in Hamburg and Shanghai, Razer has 18 offices worldwide and is recognized as the leading brand for gamers in the US, Europe and China. Razer is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.



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