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Start Technology News Razer announces partnership with Williams Esport

Razer announces partnership with Williams Esport

The world leader in eSports gaming products and the world leader among Formula 1 eSports teams will act together on several fronts related to the competitive gaming landscape; Williams Esports players switch to Razer peripherals and laptops, and offer feedback on new product development and testing 

The Razer, world leader in lifestyle for gamers, and the Williams Esports, the electronic sports division of the famous Williams Formula One team, announce a long-term partnership aimed at mutual collaboration on several fronts of the competitive racing game landscape.

This is the first partnership between Team Razer and a professional team of eSports connected to Formula 1, and demonstrates both the Williams F1 Esports with its pilots, as well as Razer with the quality of its products and business strategies. THE Razer will provide pilots of Williams F1 Esports the complete line of professional gaming peripherals, plus the most advanced version of Razer Blade gaming laptops.

"THE Williams F1 always been at the top of Formula 1 racing, just as Razer has always been a pioneer in eSports ”, said Min-Liang Tan, co-founder and CEO of Razer. “This partnership will bring together the best gaming equipment with the best racing drivers eSports of the world. Our technology and the talent of Williams will take this partnership to pole position in the near future ”.

With the partnership, Team Razer and the Williams F1 Esports will also work together on other initiatives, such as the development of innovative technological solutions, such as Hypersense, which provides pilots with greater immersion and perception of events on the virtual tracks. The approach to Williams F1 Esports will also position the Razer as a key brand within the community of eSports gives Formula 1, as it will be around the clock to provide the most advanced technological resources for players.

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"THE Razer is a world leader in gamer lifestyle and a pioneer in the universe of eSports. Its brand and products are recognized worldwide by a thriving community of players ”says Steven English, creative services leader at Williams. So, according to him, "The Razer is a natural partner of Williams in building our name in the world of electronic sports. THE Team Razer and Williams eSports represent competing at the highest level. Our team and players will benefit from using the best products on the market and we will work together with Razer to make history ”.

The Williams F1 Esports has a competitive e-sports program with more than 20 elite drivers competing in 10 eSports at the Xbox one, PlayStation 4 and PRAÇA, mobilizing a huge audience in online broadcasts and winning several titles. In partnership with Team Razer, they will play a key role and will act directly in the development and testing of new products. The objective is to unite the rich history of Williams in motor sports and the experience of its drivers on the digital tracks to provide valuable feedback to the Razer and enhance your gaming peripheral portfolio.

As part of the partnership, Razer and the Williams will still run several social campaigns to engage their fans, including donations, promotions and branding.

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