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realme GT 2 Pro arrives in the Brazilian market with a sustainability differential

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The manufacturer's first premium flagship smartphone, the really GT 2 Pro offers unparalleled performance and unprecedented features, as well as revealing a strong commitment to sustainability behind its manufacturing process.

Focusing on the premium segment, the really GT 2 Pro bet on the powerful processor Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1 as its biggest differentiator. The new flagship offers the best and fastest performance of all the brand's smartphones and features unprecedented technologies and features.

realme GT 2 Pro chega ao mercado brasileiro com diferencial de sustentabilidade 1

Among them, the exclusive Paper Tech Master Design in biopolymer, a powerful photographic suite with 150° ultrawide camera and fisheye (fisheye) and a first-of-its-kind antenna array system with ultra-wideband antenna switching, Wi-Fi booster, and 360° approach communication (NFC) technology. The device also has a large 5000mAh battery, dual Dolby Atmos stereo speakers and comes with an upgraded 65W SuperDart charger.

World's first bio-based polymer smartphone design

realme GT 2 Pro chega ao mercado brasileiro com diferencial de sustentabilidade 2

The really believes that style and sustainability are complementary and supports harmony between environment and technology. For the brand, while bold design is essential in the construction of all its products, the environment must not be sacrificed during the process.

Co-designed by Naoto Fukusawa, inspired by the texture and beauty of paper, the really GT 2 Pro is the world's first smartphone with a biological polymer design. Result of collaboration between the really Design Studio and Fukasawa, the 'Paper Tech Master' can be described as a sustainable, elegant and light design inspired by the concept 'The Future in Paper', which highlights the perfect combination of Art and Respect, Love and Reverence for the Environment.

the back of the really GT 2 Pro uses biopolymer material, which serves as an ecological alternative to fossil raw materials that contribute to global warming. SABIC's bio-based materials are derived from waste products that do not compete with food chains, such as raw talol and hydrotreated vegetable oils, and have been approved not only through the ISCC's International Sustainability and Carbon Certification, but Strict environmental regulations such as REACH, RoHS and EPEAT. Compared to petroleum-derived alternatives, this material offers similar quality while reducing two kilograms of CO2 per kilogram of material produced.

In addition, the device's new housing design reduces the overall plastic ratio from 21.7% (previous generation number) to 0.3% on this model.

World's fastest Android processor with stainless steel steam cooling

In yet another collaboration with Qualcomm, really bets on the powerful performance of the processor Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1, with superior 5G compatibility and Artificial Intelligence, to give users an unparalleled experience, especially in gaming. The processor adopts advanced 4nm process technology and the world's first ARM v9 architecture, delivering maximum performance 30% and proven efficiency boost.

really GT 2 Pro features the largest heat dissipation area in the industry, with an impressive 36,761 mm² and up to 3°C of cooling to maximize processor performance. The cooling area is comprised of an all-new 9-layer cooling structure along with a 4,129 mm² stainless steel area, providing maximum performance to the device.

The best 2K AMOLED screen on an Android

realme GT 2 Pro chega ao mercado brasileiro com diferencial de sustentabilidade 3

really GT 2 Pro adopt a screen super reality, designed to deliver incredibly realistic, sophisticated, natural and authentic looking visuals, featuring ultra high resolution technology with a high refresh rate. As the world's first 2K AMOLED display with LTPO 2.0 technology, the super reality was created from a 6.7-inch E4 AMOLED, with over 4.5 million pixels and an impressive 525 pixels per inch. This higher pixel density makes text appear sharper and images are able to show incredible detail such as blades of grass or strands of hair.

Until then super reality It has exceptional color performance with 10-bit color depth. This level of color depth can produce 1,024 shades of red, green, and blue each, for a whopping 1.07 billion colors, or 64 times more colors than a typical 8-bit screen, which can only produce around 16 million colors. Colors. Until then super reality It can also reach a maximum outdoor brightness of 1,400 nits, making it one of the brightest in its class. It also has 10,240 individual brightness levels, which automatically adjust according to the environment to save power and make the viewing experience comfortable.

With LTPO 2.0 technology, the screen super reality It is able to automatically adjust the refresh rate from 1 to 120Hz and increase battery life by approximately 1.7 hours. In GT Mode 3.0, the screen also offers 1000Hz instant touch sampling. In addition, the really GT 2 Pro received the highest screen quality score by the Certification DisplayMate A+. To ensure that the super reality keep her good looks, she's been coated with the Gorilla Glass Victus gives corning.

Triple set with the world's first 150° ultrawide camera, fisheye mode and 40x microlens

realme GT 2 Pro chega ao mercado brasileiro com diferencial de sustentabilidade 4

really GT 2 Pro It adopts a remarkable triple camera configuration, with the world's first 150° ultrawide camera and a 40x microlens camera. The 50MP main camera has a premium IMX766 sensor, with all the features of PDAF and pixel omnidirectional OIS. The sensor comes with optical image stabilization for stills and electronic image stabilization for videos. Optical image stabilization compensates for hand movements with the physical movement of the lens itself.

Ultrawide lenses are often used in landscape and building photography as they allow you to capture a wider perspective in each photo. THE really GT 2 Pro is the world's first smartphone to offer a 150° ultrawide camera, expanding the phone's field of view by 278% compared to the main camera's 84°.

The 2.0 camera with 40X microlens allows the user to take a closer look and experience the world around them in a whole new way. We've seen microlenses before, but version 2.0 of really allows you to be 2 times further away from the subject you are photographing, making focus much easier to find. The depth of field has been increased by 4 times, also ensuring more focus in images and providing much sharper photographs.

As really GT 2 Pro, the manufacturer also introduces the world's first smartphone fisheye mode. In this mode it is possible to produce long depth perspectives and effects. Through a wide field of view, the overall picture becomes even more attractive.

realme UI 3.0 with 3 years of OS updates

realme GT 2 Pro chega ao mercado brasileiro com diferencial de sustentabilidade 5

Based on Android 12, the really UI 3.0 has newly designed 3D icons, Fluid Space Design and omojis, as well as enhanced privacy features such as app permission control and location hiding. Designed with attributes like functionality and customization in mind, the really UI 3.0 allows the user to express themselves with greater freedom and develop a unique personal experience. In addition really is committed to offering 3 years of Android OS updates and 4 years of patches Android security security for smartphones from GT 2 Series.

Innovation of the Future of Communication with stable signal and NFC 360°

realme GT 2 Pro chega ao mercado brasileiro com diferencial de sustentabilidade 6

really GT 2 Pro It was also equipped with an antenna array system consisting of three functionalities: the world's first ultra-wideband (HyperSmart) antenna switching technology, a Wi-Fi booster and 360° approach communication (NFC) technology.

Antenna switching technology HyperSmart gives really It is designed with 12 antennas that cover all sides of the smartphone and support main bands in almost all directions with the same signal strength. This allows the really GT 2 Pro intelligently evaluate the signal quality of the antennas and automatically select the one with the best performance at the moment.

As for the Wi-Fi network booster, a symmetrical antenna is designed to ensure a more balanced signal strength around the smartphone. In tests conducted by really, the design has improved signal stability in 20% compared to the performance of an asymmetrical Wi-Fi antenna.

really GT 2 Pro It also has two main antennas that work as NFC signal transceivers, increasing the detection area in 500% and the recognition distance in 20%. The entire top of the device detects NFC signals in any direction, making it easy to use technology for credit cards and smartphones.

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