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Reiko appears in new behind-the-scenes video for Mortal Kombat

The video also includes a series of new scenes from the film, including fresh looks at Liu Kang's battle with Kabal


The new film by Mortal Kombat is in full swing in the matter of promotion, and now that it is set to debut in cinemas and in HBO Max on April 23 (USA), and on Brazil on May 13 only on the big screen, Warner released a featurette with the cast, screenwriter and director talking about their characters and the film in general. As an added bonus, the new Mortal Kast seems to include some new footage, which is always exciting.

More specifically, the featurette seems to include the best look ever made on the character of Nathan Jones. There were rumors that Jones would play Shao Kahn, but instead, it looks like he will interpret Reiko in the reboot movie of the franchise.

Reiko is a relatively minor character in Mortal Kombat mythology, but as we have seen with Nitara and Kabal, restarting the movie is not afraid to go deeper than normal. You can check out the new feature for yourself in the video above in the highlight.

Mortal Kast also includes a number of new scenes from the film, including fresh looks at Liu Kang's battle with Kabal, Cole Young's duel with Goro, Scorpion's firepower and the mystical landscape of the tournament itself. The laser powers of Kano and Sonya are also in full view, and the trailer includes the best look of Reiko's version with his hammer.


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