2363 - The Future Like You Never Thought it's a really interesting book. This fact is due to the author, YNDaniel don't be afraid to dare. Throughout the reading we are transported to a different world, but not as different as we usually see in futuristic fiction, which simply has no limits to let the imagination roam.

In the year 2363, much has changed. Who introduces us, little by little, these changes is the protagonist Gloria Sanson, a prostitute with the ability to read minds, a skill that becomes crucial to her survival on the streets of Washington.

Human nature doesn't fail, sweetie.

A terrorist act takes place at the American embassy in Paris, the story begins, when several officials are murdered and the French government is accused by the CIA, here an independent organization, of having engineered the attack. Jimmy Guevara, nicknamed El Diablo, who works as an aide to the president, decides to ask Gloria for help. Gloria's mission is to read the mind of Thadeus Petronius, director of the CIA, to obtain information about the terrorist plot. But Gloria doesn't know she's being sent on a suicide mission.

This is a game with no second chances, rookie. If you lose, you lose everything and then some.”

 Gloria, with the help of her cat Bethany, who was modified in the laboratory and now has the power to inhibit telepathic forces, manages to complete his plan, but now has his life and that of his son at risk.

"Gloria is only given to those who have always dreamed of her."

From here, the story becomes a delicious mix of action and fantasy, which makes the reading very light and fluid. YN Daniel was not afraid to dream, inventing a completely new future, with several mentions of the present. And so that the reader does not get lost in this new world, the author has placed a note at the end of the book, with all the changes that occurred before the events of the same.

It is an impressive and very enjoyable read. It is more than recommended. And let the next ones come!

Once you are master of your emotions and master of logic, you must go beyond emotions and beyond logic. For there is no butterfly that is able to fly being inside a cocoon.”



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