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The plot is beautiful and exciting, even the least fans of the genre can get attached to it.

Review | The Fault is of the Stars- John Green

Blame it on the stars it was one of the books that I had the most difficulty reviewing. I found the book, in general, very good, the problem is that this type of romance with protagonists in a terminal state never makes my style and that's why I couldn't like it as the rest of the world did. So, I decided to leave my personal opinion aside and do this review focused on the quality of the book, which is very good.

"Some infinities are bigger than others."

Blame it on the stars, in John Green, shows us the story of Hazel Grace, a fictional character, but who was inspired by Esther Grace, a young woman who suffers from cancer that destroyed her lungs. Throughout the book, Hazel comments on the difficulty she suffers from day to day and the simple things she lost, but what I found most interesting were the countless comments on how her situation affected her parents. Hanzel always commented on when he found it complicated that his parents had practically stopped living his life to take care of her and when he worried about what would happen to them after he died. She also reminded the reader that she would die whenever she could, not giving her a chance to be distracted and forget that this is a beautiful depressing story.

Esther Grace
Esther Grace

In one of the support group sessions, Hazel meets Augustus Waters, um adolescente portador de Câncer ósseo que teve sua sua perna amputada, e isso muda completamente a vida dela. Esse amor pode parecer tanto improvável como lógico, dependendo do seu ponto de vista, mas foi um lindo amor, escrito de um modo muito bem colocado.

“Me apaixonei do mesmo jeito que alguém cai no sono: Gradativamente e de repente,de uma hora para a outra.”

More than all the love in the story, not only for Hazel and Augustus, but for families, friendships are really touching. They are teenagers who know exactly what the other is going through and that is why they have an immense affection for each other. Augustus' friendship and Issac, for me, it was beautiful.

The narrative really manages to arrest you, when you start to tire of Hanzel reminding you that she is sick all the time, the search for the continuation of your favorite book appears and manages to pique your curiosity. The way the disease is portrayed was very realistic, with small details at times that we, healthy people, do not imagine how much it disturbs.

It is a beautiful work, which even for those who do not like the genre, it manages to hold from beginning to end.

If you want the rainbow you need to withstand the rain


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