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Review | The Elite - Kiera Cass

Sometimes I feel that we are too complicated to undo.

Resenha | A Elite – Kiera Cass 1
Book cover, The Elite (2013)

The Elite is the sequel to The selection that narrates the events during the competition that became more fierce. Now there are only six girls left to win Prince Maxon's heart. The closer America gets to the crown, the more it feels lost. The fact is that she went through a lot of things until she got here and finds herself confused by the presence of Aspen who is no longer her boyfriend and leaves her in doubt as to whether she is doing the right thing in remaining in the competition. She feels that it is in Aspen's arms that she is protected and loved. But Maxon is so different ... I think even those who are not in the books would be able to fall in love with this handsome prince. The point is that all participants know what they want. And America is about to lose the chance to choose.

For a split second, I realized that the idea of Maxom falling in love with another made me unbearable jealousy. (America) 

It is anything goes from fairy tales. America Singer, unlike the other girls, did not want to be there and not even marry the prince. Maxon manages to transmit security, and with it, she feels lighter as if she is in another world. He is calm and more rational than America. And as much as he tells her that he sees a wife and a love in her, she doesn't trust him. He who demonstrated many times that he would do anything for her.

During the course of the plot, Maxon and America, who used to have a more peaceful relationship, start to fight and during these disagreements, they gradually move away. And with that, he lets himself be graced by the other participants and one of them in particular arouses the desire to want her as a wife, as is the case with Kriss who truly loves him. We also have America's rival, the evil and cunning Celeste, who invests in her physical attributes to hook the crown, in the prince she sees only money.

He makes such an effort to win you over, but whenever he gets close, you push him away. Because? (Marlee) 

Another issue that affects America is the fact that Aspen is in the Palace. A love triangle is put. America is divided between Aspen and Maxon. On the one hand, we have her first love that ended with her moments before she knew she was one of the Selected. On the other hand, we have the Prince who has never loved in life and who does everything to ensure that she has the best and the best. Difficult decision. Who will she choose? We are left with doubt.

And in the middle of this emotional mess, we have the attacks that the palace has been suffering. Part of the population does not accept the way in which society is organized and that is why some rebel and try to put the crown under constant threats. And this increasingly arouses America's curiosity to know what the rebels' motivations are, and because of that, seeks to study the origin of their country, Illéa. Her ill-thought-out decisions put her in situations where they cannot be undone and passive with extremely harsh consequences.

It was impossible. I had to choose. Aspen or Maxon? But how to decide between two good options? How do I decide if any choice would leave part of me destroyed? I comforted myself with the thought that I still had time. I still had time. - America

Her strong temper ends up generating conflicts between her and the kingdom and this puts Maxon at a disadvantage, since she is the prince's favorite. Before she makes her choice, between the prince and a comfortable life and Aspen and a simple life, she is the choice to change the mold of the current Illéa. Political reasons develop more deeply in The Elite. And we realize that selection is a way to amuse the population, wasting luxury and wealth and to calm the spirits. But America ends up learning about many things and we readers end up getting confused with America's real desire… What does she want?

But why should I read?

In the course of the plot a lot happens and America really decides what she wants. We know that she is smart, but she will need to impose herself and show that she is ready for everything. We know it won't be easy, but she needs to try. After all, she knows that Maxon wants her. But he won't wait a lifetime. With a light writing, the plot continues to bring dilemmas to the life of the main character. I felt that this continuation carries the rhythm of the first book, but with a more sagacious touch. It gives Maxon more personality than we previously knew. He looked just like a puppet victim of the system, but no. Behind the looks, we know who Maxon can be. In fact, in this book we become more aware of who the Royal Family really is. Who are the participants, who is Aspen and the main one ... who is America Singer.

If you like romance, this book is great for you. Recalling that this book is the continuation of The Selection. Written by Kiera Cass (children's and youth writer), The Elite as well as The Selection, is part of a trilogy. The second book was launched in 2013 in Brazil and the United States. Here by the publisher Following and there for HarperTeen. Even after the end of the trilogy, the author launched A Herdeira, which tells the story of the daughter of the main character in 2 books.

The elite remains full of dilemmas, which will make America decide whether or not to remain in competition for Maxon's crown and heart and so it takes 4 lives of 5.0 for not missing a beat.


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