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The last volume of the saga presents an exciting ending.

Review | The Choice - Kiera Cass

The choice is the third book in the trilogy The selection, volume that ends the plot. In this outcome, three girls remain in the dispute for the prince Maxon amid rebel attacks.

So far, selection has been a political and media process very well organized by the king. However, America with his strong personality, somewhat rebellious and due to his temperament, he is seen by the king as a symbol of disorder and threat and at all times he tries to confront her and put her in unpleasant and tense situations.

America is getting closer and closer to the choice, although I am not sure if it will be chosen. And the other competitors are getting closer to Maxon, especially Kriss, who deeply likes the prince. Despite not liking Kriss in a reciprocal way, they are together frequently and exchange looks when they are in the same place.

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The other girls continue to fight for the crown or for power, but none for Maxon's heart. America and Kriss know that they are the favorites and even though they are competitors, they are both friends and help each other when they need it because they know that in the end only one will be a princess and there is no reason to be angry at each other.

Although it is Maxon's decision, the book already begins with a situation that shows America's despair. She, in an act of insecurity and anxiety, asks for a dress for her maids. When she arrives for dinner, she has all eyes on her, due to the sensual look she chose. Kriss even said that she was vulgar. Maxon later went to America's room and realizes that she wanted something more, but he understands that this is despair and leaves.

"The possibility of such love made me scared and excited." -America Singer

Even ashamed, America and the prince talk about how her situation could improve. Research shows that she is the least favorite of the people, and since everyone else has political reasons to be there, the most natural thing would be for her. But Maxon doesn't want her to leave and they start planning a way for the audience to like her more.

When America is too focused on one thing, it ends up disconnecting from everything else, and doing the wrong things. One afternoon together with the other girls, they watch the training of the soldiers and they are shirtless and they start talking about the sculptural bodies of the soldiers and America lets out that Maxon does not lose to any of them. But… how could America know that? None of the girls came close to seeing Maxon shirtless, and there is one that hasn't even been kissed, how could America have seen the prince without clothes? And then a discussion starts, but it served to let them all know their position.

It is a complicated moment, because in addition to looking for a way to be more liked by the public, to know where they stand in relation to the others, America has to work even harder on political issues and learn to deal with the king, who increasingly he is looking forward to sending her home. However, the king is out and it is the opportunity that Maxon and America has to make an urgent meeting with the rebels who explain their position, what the northern rebels want and what the southern rebels want, and mainly, say that they are against the current reign, but who see hope in Maxon's reign, and offer help.

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Aspen and America still has a feeling for each other and that ends up making them question themselves all the time and that makes it a disgusting situation for both of them who forgive each other, but argue whenever they can. Aspen and his constant pressure for her to make a choice, which she already knows what it will be.

This book begins in a very quiet, funny way and with the episode of America trying to seduce Maxon, but he is tense with the attacks and living with the king. She is surprised that the rebels sympathize with her and that not everyone is violent. In the course of the plot, America matures and understands that things are not always as we expect. She gains good things, but loses others that are important to her. In this final stretch, it is more complicated, all the characters have difficult moments and it is a book that brings the outcome of each one.

America goes through many things in this book, and because of those moments we can see how much she has matured and grown. Heavenly and Kriss are also highlights of maturity throughout the trilogy, just as Aspen and Maxon have also matured a lot, especially in love affairs, although the two still slip up sometimes and end up doing stupid things. Even America's maids are very mature and in this book it is clear.

The political issue was further developed in this book and is far from being just a novel. The attacks had moments of tremendous terror and all the pressure that pervades between the girls of the Selection, between Maxon and America, a chaos in Illéa…. Despite the closed alliance between Maxon and the rebels, whether the king knows or if it is public knowledge, Maxon can be put to death and for all that, it is the most tense book in the trilogy. Although, there are cute and happy moments, especially those that happen in the Women's Hall, because after they know what their positions were, they realized that winning each other's friendship would be better than just competing, and they start to treat each other better, lovingly, and those moments were always filled with happiness.

Written by Kiera Cass (children's and youth writer), A Escolha is the third book published in 2014 in Brazil and the United States. Here by the publisher Following and there for HarperTeen. Even after the end of the trilogy, the author launched The Heiress, which tells the story of the daughter of the main character in 2 books. 

The choice it is a book full of tension, but it shows the importance of self-knowledge and making choices not only based on reason, but also by the heart. It is discovering that you have courage in difficulties, it is about taking risks and not labeling yourself for what people believe you are, but rather believing in yourself.


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