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Review | The Viaduct Girl

We all carry burdens, inevitably. Some have more strength and can support them for longer, others are not so lucky anymore. But there is no one to escape them, my dear. Absolutely no one ”.

Resenha | A Garota do Viaduto 1
A Garota do Viaduto, romance written by Diego Mello / Photo by Taigra Brandão

The book written by Diego Mello, The Girl from the Viaduct, tells the story of three totally different lives that intersect. In the plot we meet Clara, a girl with personal problems, Dr. Vilmes, a gentleman with an extremely acid and at the same time careful and kind humor and Richard, a young orphan. The work is a very well written novel that involves extremely important lessons for today.

The plot is not chronological. We realized that there is a back and forth when reading about the events and the next chapter is not always about the same character. It is a book that promises many emotions. You will laugh. You will cry. You will reflect and you will not want to believe that reality can be cruel.

An unstructured family can wreak havoc on the life of a young woman who sees in herself the lack of strength to continue fighting. The monotonous life and without much expectation can generate an unhappy life that is only perceived when there is nothing to do ... when one is on the verge of the end. The death of someone you love can be a turning point between success and failure. In that case, success. But you can't go on if something keeps bothering you, can you?

The nineteen-year-old Clara, beautiful and charismatic young woman, who after many situations that disappointed her, decides to put an end to everything by jumping off an overpass. Her suicide attempt fails and from there things get much worse by ending up in a psychiatric clinic until she manages to escape, but needs to endure and go through more challenges. Will Clara be able to regain control of her life and be able to change her destiny? These are questions that those who read ask about the facts.

The second character is a doctor who has just discovered cancer, Dr. Vilmes, and upon receiving the news ... he decides to drop everything and escape from the hospital where he was admitted. A doctor dedicated to his profession, giving himself wholeheartedly to helping and listening to everyone's problems and, at the same time, fighting his own nightmares, wondering about the right direction and trying to lighten the burden of his burdens accumulate in the course of its existence.

Richard, on the other hand, is our third character. With it comes a world of luxury and pleasure. Richard is a young man of 25 who lost his parents very early. Although he is rich, it does not mean that he is happy. He stopped being the exemplary boy and became a troublemaker and troubled boy and that was the way he found to punish himself, face the absence of his parents and try to calm the darkness that grew more and more inside him.

Completely different worlds that will cross each other in a completely random way and that will forever change the lives of the three characters. Family secrets, disappointments, fears, anxieties and problems will be shared and, little by little, they will understand that they are not as different as they imagined and the friendship that unites them will be able to overcome all barriers.

During the reading, we realized that Clara is not well and that she doesn't find motivation to continue. The most disconcerting thing is that she is with someone who deals with people with these concerns and this shows us that it is not always possible to perceive what the other has. The three characters are so different in their personalities, but so similar in terms of pain and suffering. However, each one followed in a different way.

The production has a sequence of unusual events. It is so exciting that you don't want to stop reading. It is rich in details and captivating and challenging characters. The author's writing is engaging, the dialogues are fun and the storyline is well constructed that addresses important and reflective issues., In addition to confusing me in the timeline and in some events that were left open.

For those who do not know the author Diego Mello, he is a psychiatrist graduated in Medicine from the Federal University of Pelotas with a Medical Residency in Psychiatry from the same institution. The Viaduct Girl is his first novel. In addition, there are chronicles published in a personal blog on the website

The Viaduct Girl surpassed any expectation and so it takes 5.0 stars.


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